What YEAH! wine are you drinking?

His wines change each release. That said I always love his Evangelho Vineyard wines.


Couldn’t agree more, only to add: his successes are not limited to his unique mixes - his 2022 Mourvèdre is IIRC 85% single variety and also has all the positive attributes you mention. I know even 15% can really alter a wine’s flavor profile but still - he can work within traditional grape combinations and still turn out head-turning wines.

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Totally agree.

Amen. EDWC wines are among the most distinctive in the world. As much so as Lopez de Heredia or Musar - I have more confidence I could pick out an EDWC blind then any other wine. And maybe just as quirky, if slightly more reliable (though I’ve had a few flawed bottles). But most of the time they are magical. When you read the reviews on CT (including yours David and mine), I ifs hard to think of any wines (say under the $200 level) that consistently inspire the kind of rhapsodic praise that is given - I usually see these kinds of descriptors used for that elusive perfect old bottle of Burgundy or Prüm or Yquem. They are wines that you remember for a long, long time, and when you think of them, you smile.

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Seems these are drunk young but can anyone give me an insight on how well they might age?

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Hardy’s D&R wines have been aging well, though even those have only been around since the early 2010s. I suspect that short to mid-term cellaring will be just fine for the Yeah! wines, and have bet on that with my wallet.


Agree with the above suggestions on his Mourvèdre wines and Evangelho but I would definitely suggest trying a white wine when you order.

I really love what Hardy does with his white wines, especially the wines from Brosseau vineyard. This is my first time purchasing from Extradimensional but I’m referring to my prior experience with his white wines from D and R. The white blends from Brosseau are special and unique. Complex aromatics and they seem alive which I think is achieved by the combination of a very special vineyard high altitude in Monterey county in the Chalone AVA and his winemaking philosophy. I think it’s farmed impeccably and the grapes are harvested to preserve acidity but captures the California fruit too. The whites seem unfiltered as they aren’t crystal clear but that adds to their feeling of being alive.

I love the whites maybe even more then the reds. It might not be your cup of tea as I think the unfiltered makes the wine lean into the “natural” wine realm, but my experience has been great. I haven’t experienced any Brett funkiness or mouse flavors, just what I consider the positive side of natural spectrum.


Is it wrong to point out that these distinctive and gorgeous wines are being produced at a price point that puts many other producers to shame? EWCY dominates in price as well.

Two wines that were even better on Day 2/ Day 3 for the Nightlight! And a belated Happy Birthday :birthday:to @H_Wallace_Jr !

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Chendawg is mind blowing, but I’m not sure there are any available at this point.


Thank you! That Chendawg II is something else. We are sold out at the winery but a few bottles may be in NYC restaurants (maybe a retailer?).

Thank you, Dennis!

Thanks for all the kind words everyone! We love seeing these wines being enjoyed.


Had the 2019 Mo’ Yeah! last night.
It smelled bright and brambly with just whiff of funk.
Lots of bright, tangy but almost weightless red fruit on the palate. Plus acid worked well with our light tomato sauce. I always love how well these wines pair with lettuce salads and fruit and this was no exception.
After some air some spice & light tannin emerges. Pretty, ethereal wine.




2020 Brosseau Chenin Blanc. From CT Review:

What a difference a day makes. Initially this had a lot of funkiness and a little sulfur over a pretty rigid minerality. A lot of complicated fruit notes were blurred under this wild overtone and a pretty powerful acidity under it. It was definitely different, strong, and taut on day 1.
Next day and what a transformation. Funk and sulfur were gone, and what was left behind - a mellow green apple and sublime pear with a touch of honeycomb and lanolin - was very subtle.
It kind of depends what you want. My taste in whites veers to the latter, but others might want the up front zowieness of this wine right out of the gate. This is only my second EWCY! white so I hesitate to make generalizations but their white wines seem to have a lot of aging potential and high transformational ability. I think I am going to age the rest in the cellar.
Score: 91-92. Relative to expectations: ++ based on second day radical blossoming and coming together.


Kinda a slight sidetrack. But recently won some 2014 Dirty & Rowdy Traditional Sparkling at auction - Was wondering if @H_Wallace_Jr or anyone here has any recommendations on what to pair with that and what might be the drinking window around it.

Also - what exactly should we pair with the 2020 Teleport Gris? Every time I look at the bottle in the wine fridge - I go, “I have no idea how to pair this wine!”

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Greetings @JohnMag Thanks for trying the 20 Brosseau Chenin!

The 2020 has a layer of “fancy” reduction. I dig that in whites, but others may choose to go the blow it off route to get to that core of fruit. I’m glad it got to where you like it! I really did the 2020 Brosseau.


Awesome score on the 2014 Traditional! That is Pinot Blanc based sparkling from a vineyard at 2800ft in the Sierra Foothills. The bubbles are very very fine and this is a pretty delicate wine. I’d go with hamachi crudo, raw oysters, (something light and fresh).

The 2020 Teleport Gris is a heck of a bottle and brain-twister. Decant it about 60min and serve with chicken / turkey tacos, roast chicken, seared duck breasts, etc. It has bright acidity, low tannin, and excellent mouthfeel and length.


“Fancy” is a good word for the initial reduction notes — they were less prominent but more noticeable than some reductive whites I have had (some white burgs come to mind) if that makes any sense. It was kinda like the distinction between “hot” and “pungent” spice notes in food. A lot of Indian food is not “hot” as in pepper and chili but very pungent as in coriander and turmeric. This was definitely the fragrant side of spice.

You’ve given me an idea: crazy but it might just work. This wine — right out of the gate — with Rogan Josh. I think this wine could not just handle it but complement it.

More generally, so far I have found your reds go straight to the heart, and your whites go straight to the head — I mean as an intellectual experience. My notes reflect that — more analytical on your whites and more primal on your reds. That doesn’t mean I like your whites less - for me they are all such different experiences, and that’s the thrill of opening up an EWCY! Wine.

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YEAH! This sounds amazing (and I’m starving right now).

Thank you. I love that!

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2019 Mo Yeah! Mourvèdre blend: below is not the CT review, which you can look up if you care. Spoiler: I liked it.

In the old days - in living memory - Christmas cake was not a sort of dry brick with radioactively colorful fruit bits studding the dark flesh of cake under 3 inches of white hard sauce to make it sickly and sweetly “palatable”. Nor was it an architectural monstrosity shown on the Food Network to confuse people into thinking this was what food is supposed to look like.

No, in the old days - in living memory - Christmas cake was a delightful balance, with currants and cranberries and candied plums with just a touch of orange zest and just enough rum to bring it all together.

This is the old kind of Christmas cake. It’s kindness in a bottle. Some great wines go down like silk. This does not go down like silk. If you’ve been raking leaves or shoveling snow all day, silk does you no good. You want cotton and flannel. This goes down like your favorite old cotton pyjamas, or like your favorite herbal tea (if you like those - but I’d much rather have this!).

I need to mention that this was very different (in my experience) from the 2022 Marvelous Mourvèdre. This was nominally closer to what I would expect from a Mourvèdre but that’s not really the point: this was also delicious in a very different way from the almost electric 2022 MM. I love the surprises: EWCY! wines are always something new.