What would you do? "Temperature Controlled Shipping" Update : Horrible Response from Lyle Fass.

Lyle does have good prices, interesting selections and the small lots are useful to explore. For my preferences, they need to reorient their shipping windows to accommodate both logistics of them getting the wines, and appropriate shipping windows for the wines. This shipping in mid May is completely stupid. The window is shut. Just admit it and say that wines will ship in the fall. The fact that they are trying to arrange mid to late May shipping makes them look either stupid or arrogant, and maybe both.

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So, I took the time to listen to the podcast. I don’t see what the issue is. He didn’t say anything that isn’t either true or at least a defensible opinion.

There is a lot of group think on WB as he says. And maybe “hatred” is a tad hyperbolic of him, but we as a community do pile on people, which is what he’s saying when he references being “the main character.” Just look at the “elite vs masses” thread with two+ pages of parsing the word elite and piling on a guy (to the extent it made people apologize after) when the concept was perfectly clear and people use AFWE all the time here. Or the Costco Palmer thread with a similar situation and the OP getting basically called a thief (before people apologized). I myself have been the subject of disproportionate invectives on at least two threads, with spillover. So, “hatred” may be hyperbole from Lyle but the phenomenon he’s describing is very real.

I am again not saying that the experiences recounted by others in this thread aren’t true. But they don’t falsify his criticisms of us or make what he said on the podcast somehow unacceptable.


Couldn’t agree more. Popped a bottle last night from my last purchase that was sent when it was way, way too hot and the wine was undrinkable. I dropped him in the Spring of 2020. I liked his offerings but this was just like throwing money out the window. Prefer doing business with customer-focused retailers.