What wine have you bought by the pallet

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Not as retailer but personal consumption.

Rhys Chardonnay.

I’ve never done it (and never will) but, depending on your drinking and entertaining habits, Pepiere Clos des Briords in a good vintage might actually be worth buying by the pallet. Especially if you get a pallet discount. It’s great young, it ages too, most people like it, it’s versatile, and it’s cheap.

Well done Joe!


You just can’t stop boasting about your allocation, can you Alan?



I just moved a palate of my own wine that I paid a custom crush winery to help me make. Does that count?

Faiveley Musigny.

I stayed at a B&B in norther Michigan probably 10-15 years ago. Nice place, had afternoon complimentary wine …
Well, the owner was excited about the wine, and I saw in his garage two pallets of wine - 2 Buck Chuck!

I’d take a keg of Pepiere Briords (or even just the sur lie) in a heartbeat. In fact, with a keg of Briords and a keg of a decent drinking red, maybe a Loire CF or a decent Beaujolais, I could see cutting down on my actual bottles opened by a lot.

Not only have I never bought a pallet of wine, I don’t even know how much wine that is.


I think there’s actually a documented case of Bueker shipping a pallet of Donnhof.

It comes in kegs? (said in best hobbit voice)

Depends, but 56 cases (14 per row, stacked 4 high) is typical. That’s 672 bottles of wine


Went in for 1996 Lafite with 2 other people at $130 a bottle. But then we all backed out. Very regrettable considering I sold the 2 cases I did buy for $1,600 a bottle a couple years ago.

Envoyer offerings.

Last year, I bought two pallets of wine [head-bang.gif]

Not quite a pallet, but I also bought a case of each of the 2007 Produttori crus. 2008, I downsized that to 1/2 case to a case for each Cru.

Ganevat J’en Veux

No, it was a bit more than a pallet of assorted 2001 German Rieslings. There was a lot of Donnhoff in that pile, but not a pallet full.