What Wine Do You Most Regret Selling Or Trading?

I probably don’t regret any wine I’ve traded. I always got back a wine I wanted to try or wanted more of for my cellar. As far as selling, I wish I hadn’t sold a bunch of mid 90’s Abreu & Maya about 10 years ago. They’d be drinking great now!

I regret that my husband sold his DRC, Leroy and Jayer before he met me!

I traded away some Chave Hermitage a long time ago. :frowning:

The same, but it was only 1 bottle of late 80’s red.

For about a year, I owned a '45 Cheval Blanc that I got at auction with the specific intend of flipping. Did make a profit on it but . . . . why didn’t I just drink it???

I sold some '83 Bordeaux when I moved to NYC in 1993. I underestimated some of those wines.

Otherwise, I’ve sold/traded little and have no other regrets.

That’s funny. In the early 1990s, I traded three Spottwoode cabs (some vintage in the mid-80s) for two '89 Chaves at Premier Cru. I still have one and am still happy with that trade.

I once gave a perfectly delicious bottle of 2002 Las Rocas Garnacha to a client and my client gave me back some really old Italian wine in trade a few months later. 1970 Monfortino. I regretted it because ZI was embarrassed by it.

None. I sold all my SQN and Lafite and it would have been good to try them, but I just used proceeds to buy less inflated wines.


1996 Lafite. I bought three bottles many years ago at what seemed then like a steep price, and ended up selling it to fund other things. Little did I know…

I sold two bottles of LMHB 1989 for $150 each.
Not really a regret, as I can always purchase more.

I’ve never sold or traded any wine. Given a few away, but no regrets in doing so.

No regrets other than wondering about marketing timing and whether I could have gotten more if waited a bit. Others I know I timed the market perfectly- Thanks Robert and Pierre for those 100 point Quilcedas!

I was forced in a divorce to sell 1992 SE

And, you still married him?

He has many other fine qualities. And many other fine bottles, too.

'82 Pétrus when it hit the astronomical price of $600.

Worse yet, it wasn’t his divorce.

La Mission 1953, a perfect bottle. I sold it for $450, but it went to a friend for his 50th Birthday.

They are drinking great now…

Only wines I ever sold were the 1991 and 1992 Mayas. Bought them on release for $50 and sold them in 1999 for $475 each. Was impossible to pass on that sort of stoopid money back then. Had some regret that I didn’t keep any, but had one last year, and while solid, did not “wow” me in any respect.