What Wine Are You Missing?

Went to my wine locker over the weekend and a half case of 2009 Rivers Marie Cab was nowhere to be located.


Anyone else trying to locate misplaced wine?

All of mine is coincident with car parts.

I’m glad I didn’t have a mouthful of coffee when I read that or it would have been splattered all over my computer screen.

Never lost a wine. However, I did once find some Porter Creek. No idea where that came from.

I was in my lockers last week and am, gracefully, missing a handful of Parker’s so-called perfect 2007 Chateauneuf du Papes. I really don’t know where they went! Ian H., did you snooker me!?

On the bright side you were replacing them with Barolo.

Tangental to that point, don’t let Todd see this thread. It will give him a place to make his list.

Come to think of it, a lot of wine must evaporate off my rack too. I guess even the bottles were biodegradable.

Me? Do I lose wine often?

I have, however, ‘lost’ a bottle of 2000 Azienda Bricco Rocche (Ceretto) Barolo Bricco Rocche and I’m pretty ticked about it.

I have not lost anything. I do however have many bottles that will require a full archaeological dig to unearth.

Waldmann, in Boise. He’s away from the compound and Corey just raided the cellar. Silly Scouse…(it’s an EPL thing)
If it makes you feel any better, had Corey been in the area that Ceretto would have made the pickup list. I’ll have him check his mileage log, because he could have easily not realized he was going the wrong way until he hit ocean…

Maison Ilan? newhere

Well, I had some Pingus that went down with the ship…

You do realize that would mean I would actually have to spend several days going through my offsite lockers and reconciling what’s there or not there with my Cellartracker records. I’m not that crazy.

Technically, that’s not “lost” - there’s a rough location on it: the Atlantic Ocean. Provided the cork is sealed well enough, it’s theoretical that if ever salvaged it could be really nice. Nice temperature control, WELL MORE than sufficient humidity, and extremely low light conditions.

[cheers.gif] [drinkers.gif]

Waaaaay too hard to explain, but I knew what Matty meant. You see Waldmann is in France, so I was planning a trip to Boise to steal his Barolo and Matty was going to keep the beer and Keith was eating chili…

Let’s just stick with too hard to explain.

There’s a 1971 les forts de latour hidden somewhere in my storage.

IIRC I believe all of my missing wine has been later realized to have a been a late night “yolo, lets open this!” sort of scenario that wasn’t easily recalled the next morning.