What WHISKY (Scotch) are you drinking?

I’ve had a hard time historically getting excited about Glengoyne, Luis. My experiences have mostly mirrored your note

Yes, haven’t had anything of particular note from them; but, that said, their 15YO is a decent/reliable daily drinker and moderately priced as well. It’s currently one of bottles I regularly keep at home for whenever.

Just opened this Madeira cask SB a few nights ago…

2006 15 yr Tomatin

Another Kensington Wine Market single cask, 288 bottles, 57.5%

Nose of lilac, heather, honey and bergamot. A kind of chocolate tobacco too. This isn’t peated but it does have some smoky qualities, with maybe some black tea and soy sauce in there. Very definite and forthright on nose and mouth. Long slightly warm finish, most of the activity is in the front half here. 7

Longmorn 17 year, Cask strength. I think 57% or so and I think a distillery bottling. I love Longmorn. So very much. Didn’t take formal notes but power and class all linked together, this plays a very clear and clean and vibrant tune with your senses. Another great example, 9.

1995 Murray McDavid Bowmore 11 year. 46% Done in…Condrieu casks. And it does make a verifiable difference. Peat, yes, but toffee/honey element finds its way up the nostrils. And a true fruity palate very much plays with the usual strong Bowmore character. This will almost certainly not be for everyone, but I really liked it for what fun it has. 8.

My experience is the same. I tried them at The Armory in Dallas and was not moved. It was like they were correct, just not at all complex or compelling.

I’ve tasted a handful of great Glengoyne expressions, but not for quite a while. There was a '68 30 year old bottled for Royal Mile Whiskies that was stunning. James Thomson organized two online tasting bottlings (he’d send samples and there would be a discussion online about the samples and a vote on which to bottle. There were two whiskies ultimately bottled and sold: '74 HP (my favorite HP of all time) and a Glengoyne. I still have bottles of each and I’ll check for the Glengoyne details). Cadenheads bottled a 1966 26/27 Chairman’s Stock Gold Label at cask strength that is phenomenal if you find a bottle at auction. Those three stand out as all time great whiskies.

Yes, you’re right; “correct” is really the most I can say of them.

This thread has been a little sleepy, so bringing it back up.

I just cracked a very special bottle that definitely lived up to expectations… a 1994 vintage, 24 year old, teaspooned Balvenie from the French bottlers Le Gus’t.

My oh my is this delicious. It was clearly aged in very used barrels as the profile is soft and spirit forward. At 46.9% cask strength, it is the perfect ABV for its age. Concentrated and complex, but in an elegant rather than overwhelming sort of way. The finish is surprisingly long given that old Balvenie can be a bit shorter in my experience, especially when aged in neutral barrels. It’s a little earthy like tea and grass, lightly baked green and red apples, with a whiff of torched orange peels. Really pleasant texture as well, substantive but not quite chewing gum levels of viscosity.

It’s rare to find indie Balvenie, so this bottle is a real treat.

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