What we want

We want wines that express terroir. But, we don’t want a ripe profile from warm years nor too shrill from cold years. Let’s make sure there’s no green streak to them or other flavors that deviate from what we know is best. They can’t age prematurely but who has time to wait 25 years for them to come into their own? We don’t want to taste new oak ever except when it’s done its wonders over time. All great wines should remain accessible to those in the know and only those in the know. We are in the know. If a bottle is corked, we shall be outraged and you should accept this willingly.

And please keep intervention to a minimum.

Is that really asking for too much?

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Also, free shipping. Only when it is 55 degrees at all points in the shipment chain, and all points in between. We also want our wine now, so the planet will simply have to tilt continuously so that it is permanently the spring equinox over our delivery address. As for the changes that would impose on the growing season in the rest of the hemisphere, refer back to earlier demands.

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It’s really just so we can say things like….

If it sits anywhere outside for more than two hours, the wine must be returned at shippers expense. And yes, we will mark the bottles so you don’t make a sucker out of one of our friends.

Best, Jim

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No it is not asking enough!

What we REALLY want is a time machine to go back and buy all those great wines we could have when we had the chance and did not

Whilst some of that I don’t personally agree with, it did nonetheless raise a chuckle at how what we ask for, isn’t always what we want.


And we want wines made by authentic owners & winemakers!
There’s nothing worse than finding out your new favorite wine is made by someone NOT wearing Blundstones or Bogs and a Patagonia vest or Carhartt jacket.

I also want to make sure it’s a small, independent winery, that is beyond organic, has ancient dry farmed old vines, but also the best clones–which they they did Selection Massale with and lots of vine density. They of course have a huge cover crop, make wine as a non-timber forest product, and do goat yoga and goat hikes with the goats they used to keep the cover crop managed.