What Red Type or Varietal with Roast Pork Loin

…roasted with garlic and rosemary unless someone has a better seasoning idea? I’m flexible. [training.gif]

Nebbiolo or something Rhone. Spanish Garnacha would be nice too.

or a Beaujolais or lighter Burgundy.

Yep, though the Rhone option is pretty good too.

I always think Tuscan – it almost sounds like you are describing an Arista roast which is perfect with a high end Chianti or a Brunello, or Supertuscan.

If you know you are aiming for that match you can also do a rub with fennel seeds which brings out some beautiful notes in a Sangiovese based wine.

Roast pork loin can go with most anything, red or white, depending on seasonings you give it. With garlic and rosemary, I’d follow the various Mediterranean alternatives (including a few that haven’t been proposed such as Languedoc-Roussillon) and Loire reds, but no reason why Beaujolais or a young, nervy red Burgundy (e.g., Savigny, Chassagne, Santenay, Mercurey) couldn’t do it, and young claret would go well, too, and all their New World more or less counterparts – well, you get the picture.

Due respect, Claude, but when did the Loire valley become Mediterranean? [/quote]

Mediterranean alternaitves andLoire reds – it is conjunctive, Bob. But thanks for the attempted geography lesson.

Humor, Claude. Attempted humor.

A bright, red fruit Zinfandel like Scherrer.

We just had a nice magnum of an 04 Gigondas with a crown pork roast on Saturday night. Great match.

CdB Burg or a grenache-dominated Rhone/Rhone-style wine. In SoCal this time of year also maybe a syrah-dominant rose like Domaine de Faillence?

Funny, I made carnitas last night and popped an '04 Scherrer O&M zin; awesome pairing!

The Scherrer zin would also go with the tenderloin; I also like restrained CA pinot with pork tenderloin.

we drank these Saturday night with a pork loin on the bone that was stuffed and then BBQ-grilled prior to the oven roast finish. solid meal!

Many great suggestions. One minor note, it was a pork loin roast (center cut) not the tenderloin.

Frank’s reply led me to open my first 2001 Tuscan. I just posted a short tasting note on CT and published it on WB… 2001 Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino. It was a baby that did open up with two or three hours in a decanter and smoothed out with the pork roast.

DH used the Weber Genesis with indirect heat. Roast was great. A trip to the local farmers’ market yielded artisanal salumi, cheeses, figs, heirloom tomatoes, baby zucchini. Tuscan style roasted potatoes rounded out the meal.

Bob, play nice! I appreciate Claude’s recommendations. I will work my way through all of the suggestions in the future.

No pepsi for dinner, evah!!!