What percentage of wine do you buy direct from the winery (POLL)

What percentage of wine do you buy direct from the winery?

  • 0-10%
  • 11-20%
  • 21-30%
  • 31-40%
  • 41-50%
  • 51-60%
  • 61-70%
  • 71-80%
  • 81-90%
  • 91-100%

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Hello everyone. I am new to this board, but have already grown to enjoy it.

Over the last serveral years, I have finally been able to get on some mailing lists. Now, as I move off of waiting lists to mailing lists, I am a little sad that probably 40% of my wine budget goes directly to the wineries as opposed to browsing through the stores looking for good deals and hard to find wine (I kind of miss the thrill of the hunt). I am very happy with the lists I am on, so I am not really complaining, just curious to see about what percentage other folks spend buying wine directly from the wineries.

Almost zero. It’s hard to schlep them back from Burgundy.

Year %
2010 56%
2009 48%
2008 35%
2007 18%
2006 8%
2005 9%
2004 8%
2003 10%
2002 15%

It looks like about a third, but that figure is dropping significantly and now it is probably more like 10%.

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For 2009 probably 35% but that is unusually high.

About 90% of my wine I buy direct from wineries.

85% of the wines I have were purchased directly from the winery.

Good question, particularly with HR5034 looming. Thanks to a handy CT report, it appears I purchase 75% or more direct from wineries.


I’ve had the same experience. A blessing/curse of the slow economy, I believe. And I’m having the same angst you are. Probably buying more than before and getting 75% + of it winery direct. So I don’t really feel like I can go troll wine stores like I used to. And I’ve found that (at least for me in a wine shop) there is no such thing as “just browsing”.

When I first started cellaring wine I would say that about 75% was purchased direct from wineries.
Now, probably more like 20%, it’s just too easy to find the wine locally or online and not have to pay hefty shipping. But if I had a choice between direct from the winery and the same wine elsewhere, all things being equal (price, shipping, etc), I would go direct every time.

According to CT 33% during 2009.

I am guessing right at 25%.

Probably around 50-60%

According to CT 74%

Less than 5%.

I buy very little CA wine…maybe a case/yr

Over 90%. Screw the TX wholesalers!

40% of my cellar was bought direct. This year the perecentage is much higher, as I have bought very little at retail. Good question!


I don’t know the exact # but it is significant, perhaps 40%+.

Depends on the grape…my direct purchases of syrah have climbed while cab has all but collapsed. Overall, I’m around 65% direct.