What Patricia Green Cellars are you drinking?

Finish goes on and on . . . . :slightly_smiling_face:

Brought this to a wine dinner. Honestly it was not good at first, then with some air it just transformed. Do not give up on your aged wines too quickly.

  • 2006 Patricia Green Cellars Pinot Noir Notorious - USA, Oregon, Yamhill County (6/30/2024)
    Needed a good 2-3h to fully open. Initially it was one dimensional, oak and spice, not giving a ton. Nobody really liked it, myself included.

    Then it transformed. Elegant red fruit perfume with spice underneath. Harmonious light raspberry and cranberry with a subtle earthy kiss. So graceful and honestly quite young too.

    People give up on old wines too quickly--they need air just like a young wine does. Not quite as good as the 2005 I had but still really nice.

    Drink now, please decant for 2h. (92 points)

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Who are these people you speak of? :upside_down_face:

I had a 2001 Singularity last weekend that was head-spinning good and overshadowed a 2001 Comte Armand Clos des Epeneaux.

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2006s have held up remarkably well given the nature of the vintage. Glad that it showed maybe even being a little wound up still. Shouldn’t be as good as the 2005. Also a significantly different makeup to the 2006 vs 2005. I liked our 2006s a lot as they showed a lot of dry extract character in barrel. They seemed like wines of terrific potential but it was definitely a year where it got pretty warm at the end and we were picking like crazy from the jump. 2023 had similar characteristics and the wines are out of control good. Glad the Notorious was kicking 17 years in bottle.


The plethora of notes from folks who PnP and expect immediate greatness!

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2017 Balcombe 1B

Fantastic nose of mushrooms and forest floor. Black/red cherries on the palate balanced by umami and acidity. A joy to drink. I’m sure will improve with age, but why wait?

When can we buy it, and can I call PGC with an order again? I am very excited to try the ‘23.

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Just tasted through all of Jim’s Whiskeys and they’re the shits. All great and we bought the cask that was 118 proof and it was smooth as silk. Highly recommend but you have to buy them on site I think.

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It’s ready to go. Call in or email and they’ll take care of you!

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I’m visiting Kelley Fox in two weeks, I’ll report it!


Good story.

I’ve never tasted a Kelley Fox wine. Shame on me.

Had a great visit last year with Jim at PGC and Marcus and Megan at Goodfellow.

My friends said “can you set that kind of thing up again this year?” LOL

Uhh, yeah, I guess.

I called Vincent because that’s a no brainer, been a fan forever.

Need one more appointment so I pinged Todd Hamina and said what about X, Y, or Z?

He said have you tasted with Kelley, if not, do it.

I do what Todd says. LOL

I sheepishly emailed them and Jonathan replied.

I’d love to host you and the group. Always try to make time for Berserkers. Last year sounded fun. Jim…Jim… I think I’ve heard of him.

My sister who lives in PDX says “oh my, we’re going to Kelley Fox? She’s the bomb!” :sunglasses:

I guess name dropping can’t hurt. I told the crew, bring your credit cards!


Good call!

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Your sister is a smart woman! :slight_smile:

It’s really incredible the relationship this wine board, and so many of the participants, have established with winemakers. Besides some really incredibly good wine being crafted, so many of these winemakers generously share their thoughts, impressions, insights, knowledge and talents with us. All of it had a hand in bringing me back to (U.S.) domestic wines and, regardless, is just really fucking cool! :hearts: :wine_glass:


Oh, to be young again! It is like saying you’ve never tasted Champagne or never been in love! The delights that await you!


And don’t overlook the whites! Some of my favorites.

I am fascinated by the Wadensvil clone.


Me too


Wait until the 2023 La Belle Promenade Vineyard, Wadensvil Block Pinot Noir bottling comes out. Strap in. Other level sort of wine.


And my second contribution to last nights bottle share at the Cork Vault in Charlotte, NC…