What is YOUR most recent wine purchase? (Part 2)

Went a bit crazy and got 9 cases of wine! 4.5 cases of smaller grower Champagne (Clement Perseval, Etienne Calsac, C H Piconnet). 4.5 cases of Chateau Musar - 4 causes of rouge (12 bottles each of 1998, 2000, 2015 and 2016) and 6 of the 2010 blanc. A lot of Musar. However I love the stuff and have sampled the 98 and 00 rouge from this source before and they were great, as was the price.


Continuing to explore Doyard so I bought 2009 Extra Brut BdB grand cru.

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Actually, you went Berserker. Well done!


So i said i was more or less done for the year…
BF got me…

6x (2019) Marguet Shaman 19. At 40€ each…

I looves my Musar!
Like an old, grumpy car which you feel like only you know how to start. It has a soul, somehow.
Enjoy your cases and being the object of my envy.

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3x 2019 Smith Haut Lafitte - hard to pass up with WDC codes + cash back.

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Slightly OT, does the “19” signify the disgorgement date or the base vintage for these Shaman wines?

If the former, what is the base vintage for Shaman 19?

19 signifies the base vintage.


Dipping a toe in…

NV Thomas Perseval Premier Cru Tradition
NV Thomas Perseval Premier Cru Grande Cuvée
2017 Thomas Perseval La Pucelle
2017 Thomas Perseval La Village

Would love to hear from someone who has experience with TP as I have none.

Same exact order!


21 Keller Grand Cru Kabinett Kiste.

I ordered 6 of these from LB on their black Friday offer for $49. Was the only compelling offer I saw in my price range. Looking forward to cracking one in 2023 to see how it’s coming along.

2011 Purlieu Beckstoffer To Kalon cabs. 2x. Been eyeing these for a while and have wanted to try an example given all the good reviews. I’ve really enjoyed how the 2011 napa vintage has come along and am picking them up opportunistically as I can at auctions and random retail offers.


Just drank a Shaman 18 Rose today and looked at the back label. Since it was bottled in July 2018, does not make sense that base vintage for this was 2018. I drank the non-rose Shaman 18 a few months ago but was not able to look at the rear label. Anyway, both wines were quite good, so this is really just wine nerdiness.

Just got a a case of 2020 Patrick Piuze Blanchots, Bougros and Les Clos as well as a few magnums and i got a few bottles of 2019 Egly Ouriet Coteaux Champenois Ambonnay Rouge.

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Well i can only go from what the internet tells me, i have not visited the winery. But more or less everywhere they write the number signifies the base vintage.

"robertparker.com: “A blend dominated by Chardonnay, the NV Shaman Rosé 17 was disgorged in March 2020. Offering up aromas of sweet berries, spices, orange and dried flowers, it’s medium to full-bodied, pillowy and charming, with bright acids, chalky structure and a pinpoint mousse, concluding with a saline finish. As readers will remember, the “17” denotes the base vintage, which is complemented by reserve wines from a solera established in 2010.”

I can check my 2019 Shaman when they arrives.

Do they have this clearance sale at a specific time every year or is it random?


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Is there a website?