What is YOUR most recent wine purchase? (Part 2)

1x Leonetti Walla Walla CS '13 …last one ,just sitting there, 'Take me home"
1 x LDH Tondonia Reserve '08…$40 just sitting there (have too many already)
3 x Muga Reserve '17…before the '17’s disappear

1x 2010 Forman
2x 2014 Forman
Mixed case of Sandlands
6x 2018 Arietta Variation One
2x 2018 Arietta H Block
2x 2019 Arietta H Block
3x 2019 Detert East Block

10x 2019 Cathiard Bourgogne Rouge
3x 2019 Detert East Block
2x 2019 Barthod Chatelots

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Standing orders process next week, I believe. Official release is September.

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Picked up another case of 2020 Bucci Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico Superiore DOC Italy from WA thanks to the Berserker discount-Thanks Todd!
We really enjoy this wine and a QPR, IMO.

A bunch of 2021 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc & 2004 Muga Prado Enea Gran Reserva for daily/anytime home drinking. Looking forward to having some of the CB SB tomorrow dinner with a bit of linguine alle vongole. Might open one of the Prado Enea w/ the meat course too.

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2021 Dönnhoff Spats
2021 Dr Loosen Ürziger Würzgarten Kab
2017 DRC RSV
2008 DP Rose
2003 DP P2

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Decent price on the 17 backfill? Got some 19 Riche recently for not an arm and a leg.

multiples of each except for the Raffault

2020 A&E Cornas
2019 Michel Mallard Aloxe-Corton 1er Marechaudes
2019 Michel Mallard Ladoix 1er Les Joyeuses
2020 La Soufrandiere Pouille-Vinzelles Les Quarts Cuvee Zen
2020 Guffens-Heynen Macon-Pierreclos Le Chavigne
2020 Guffens-Heynen Macon-Pierreclos Tri de Chavigne
1989 Olga Raffault Chinon Les Picasses

Original release price. There was so little '19 that they released more '17 in a lot of cases.

Nice. I got a bunch of 17s back when they were cheap but should’ve bought more.

I was under the impression that yields were fine in 19 ?


From where? Yields were low across the board and down over 50% in some cases from 2017.

Reading BH.

Some people have seen the work I’ve done on this topic, but suffice to say, the Z scores of 2019 (relative annual production since 1970) are all below normal, except RSV:

Monti: - 0.7Z
Corton: -0.8Z
Ech: -1.2Z
GE: -0.3Z
RSV: +0.1Z
Rich: -0.9Z
LT: -1.2Z
RC: -0.4Z

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Yeah the only offers I’ve gotten that have been reasonably priced per se were for RSV.

3b 2007 Arlaud Clos de La Roche

Traipsing around Manhattan today.

Astor exchanged a corked bottle of 2015 Foreau Sec I bought last year with a bottle of the 2014, which is what they have in stock now. Kudos to them and their acknowledgement also that, yes, the bottle was viciously corked.

Before that at Manhattan Wine Co, I couldn’t resist a sample bottle of the latest disgorgement of Robert Moncuit Les Grands Blancs while picking up another 2018 Guimaro Camino Real and dropping off a case for storage.


2019 Jérôme Prévost Champagne La Closerie Extra Brut Les Beguines
2019 Jérôme Prévost Champagne La Closerie &

Random find at a LWS ($150 and $110 respectively), too bad they had so little and limits 1 bottling per customer. All gone in 1 day :cry:


2019 Tenuta San Guido Bolgheri Sassicaia