What is YOUR most recent wine purchase? (Part 1)

I’m just expressing an opinion, nothing more lol. It came up because I have thought William has been one of the most interesting and useful reviewers over the past few years, frankly the one I will read regularly. I’m not sure I had ever seen a score so high from William, so it caught my attention. I would hate for him to edge more toward Suckling, who I find completely useless.

more halves. '19 D’Issan

If you mean the opinion regarding 100 points generally, sure. If you mean, about William not giving 100 points, well:

Apologies for the digression on the thread.

16 pichon lalande, bought into the hype

Lol. #MeToo.

Plus more 2014 Lalande.

2013 von Schubert Abtsberg Spätlese

Terre et Sang Patriarch syrah from Larner vineyard in Santa Barbara. Nice recommendation from Roy Piper, good enough for me.

Kinsman Eades Release and a few bottles of 2014 Champagne La Rogerie Heroine

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