What is your favorite QPR?

Segura Viudas for Cava, Beringer Alluvium for White, and Marietta NV Lot # for Red.


I’ve been a great fan of German Rieslings for the past 10 years or so–incredible QPR. Found & fell in love with the offerings of Leitz starting with the 2001 vintage. The Drachenstein (Dragonstone) and Klosterlay bottlings are consistently very good values. They are officially QBAs, but realistically are at least Kabinett, and most of the time Spatlese level wines.

Mark West Pinot, about $9

This is an unusual choice in that one can’t go to if that often. Every time I drink Yalumba NV Museum Muscat I’m reminded of how tasty, and what a deal it is. It’s definitely as good as some wines triple the price.

Recent QPRs that I have enjoyed

Joseph Drouhin St Veran 2007- $11
Christian Moreau Chablis 2007- $17
Jadot Macon-villages 2008- $7
Canoe Ridge Cabernet and Melot- $9/$11

Mad Dod Shiraz 2006 and 2008 Sangiovese…great little wines…

I had an excellent QPR last night: 2007 Stefania Haut Taubee $20


great call! [thumbs-up.gif]

With the weather getting warmer - this is the only one I can think of -
DOMAINE DE POUY - Gascogne Blanc 2009 - The younger the better - would prefer to just get a keg poured right out of the tank after fermentation - this is just as clean and refreshing a white as you can get -

And my new favorite summer slammin’ white -

CRNKO - Jarenincan Blanc 2009 - from Slovenia in liter bottles -
This stuff rocks - a blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and spiced with a touch of Yellow & White Muscats - Unbelievably floral and spicy - extremely fresh and lively with soft citric notes - just lovely stuff - only 11% alcohol -

Huh? Have you people ever heard of Zinfandel?

Good call. One of my favorites is Bogle old Vines Zinfandel–$8 last time I bought it. Bogle also makes a Zin Blend called Phantom which is pretty tasty for ~$20.

My favorite qpr is 17.432