What is your favorite QPR?

Mine is Wynn’s Cabernet (Black Label). Year in and year out, regardless of the overall quality of the vintage, they produce some solid juice.

My only problem is finding it. Ever since Carolina Wine Company closed, I don’t have a source. Anyone know of a source in the Trenton, NJ area?

Right now it’s Sangiovese from Vino Noceto. The regular cuvee is $15 and their reserve wines in the low $20’s. Good wines that deliver beyond the price point and are also food friendly.

Over the last three or four years, Domaine Pepiere’s Muscadet Clos de Briords has basically become my summer white wine - we’ll go through several cases each year between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Garces Silva Amayna Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc ($17-25) distributed by SAWI. Balandran Rose ($15) from Rosenthal and La Cadette Bourgogne Blanc from Kermit Lynch ($15’ish). Sorry, can’t think of any reds right now… spent a hot and sticky/humid day here in Dallas and red doesn’t appeal to me right now.

This… is hard to beat really. Also, Cristalino Rose for sparkler (I mean c’mon, $8!). Evesham wood PN at < $20 is pretty good. Lots more, but these two spring to mind.

Chidaine Touraine Sauvignon Blanc at €4,80 ex-cellar in Montlouis. I bought a case three weeks ago and there are two left…

Lalande Sauvignon. Around $9

Right now Cameron Hughes.


As noted above, Loire whites are hard to beat for QPRs, and the ones mentioned are in my top 10.

I think Huet sec and demi-sec Vouvrays are world class wines, and for mid-$20 would top my list.

David Coffaro Escuro $12 on futures So far all of his wines are really good Dry Creek Valley wines under $20.

Roederer Brut Mendicino $16 is killer “champagne” in my book.

We’v gone through too many bottles/cases of the last few vintages of Las Rocas Garnacha. It’s our go to QPR wine at under $10 every day price at Sam’s Club / Costco.

Cameron Hughes 2007 Cabernet Lot #116 & #143. I paid $18.70 per bottle with free shipping. Unfortunately they are sold out but he is coming out with a Yountville Cab very soon. I am going to stock up on this when it is released.

only a few bottles for me, but I’d have to agree–Muscadet from Pepiere . . .

generally speaking, i think tremendous QPR’s can be found in the world of German Riesling, Sauternes/Barsac, Italian whites, dry Portuguese reds, and Macon and Chablis.

Candor Merlot…Champalou Vouvray… Heidi S’s ( forgot how to spell it ) Furmint

DR Loosens 08’ Riesling is killer too for $10

Pepiere Clos des Briords has become my “go to” white and summer focal point. Just bought my third case this year (gave some away).

What Paul said: These are, IMO, easily the equivalent (or better) of any of the world’s other great white wines, and I can’t think of a greater QPR , even though I’m seeing them more in the low- and mid $30s lately.

[You also get a lot of bang for your buck with Felsina and Fontodi Chiantis, just to name a couple more.]

Entrada sauvignon blanc. 3.99 a bottle wholesale. Yes there is better wine, but at under 50 a case it is hard to beat. Totally drinkable and varietally correct.
Wanna spend a few bucks more? Ponga sauv. From NZ. 8 bucks or so wholesale. Rockin juice!
Same money- praia vinho verde from kysela imports. Delicious and low booze point(10 percent).
La ville ferme rose and rouge. 6.99 wholesale.
Gloria ferrer bdn 14.99 wholesale. Tasty bubbles.
Great post by the way!