What is the silliest bottle you have ever bought?

I just got a 6 liter of 1985 Ch. Raymond Lafon sauterne. My nephew’s birth year wine to pour at his wedding rehearsal dinner. How am i going to be able to pour it fast enough for people not to get restless. Pre-pouring ruins the effect.

Buying a 6 liter of interesting, drinkable wine is never silly, IMO. I have a few 6 and 9 liter bottles of pure plonk that I bought just to sit in the wine cellar as decoration. That’s silly. Though I bought them at charity auctions so at least there is that.

An antifreeze blue (IIRC the flavor was tropical) Boone’s Farm at a Wal-Mart in El Paso while buying supplies for a camping trip in West Texas.

Or maybe a few bottles of Night Train as a prank when visiting my best bud in San Fran years ago.

If you mean something actually consumable, probably a bottle of wine made by the lead singer of Queensryche (or perhaps made under his name/label) after stumbling into a private concert he was giving at a tasting room in Walla Walla.

I bought that first year’s bottle of Marilyn Merlot as a gift for my friend’s dad who is a big fan.

His house is a shrine.

Still there, standing upright in his display case, is that bottle.

He tracks it’s value and brings it up whenever I see him.


Sometime in the mid-late 70’s, I went to a bike race near Bullhead City, AZ and strolled into a liquor store. (I had a primo fake ID.)

I saw a thing called MD 20/20 and it said “Grape Wine” on it.

Ha ha! I was so tickled that I bought one and hung onto it over the years. “Grape wine, d’uh!”

In 2000, we opened it to commemorate a gathering of the people who had been on that trip and each took a taste - my hunch is that it tasted the exact same as the day I bought it.

Shortly after that first discovery I found out that Boone’s Farm apple wine existed.

I think there was also a thing called Strawberry Hill strawberry wine.



Bottle of Mick Fleetwood Cabernet. Signed by him at Costco.

Based on your bottle, Jay, your nephew’s rehearsal dinner should have 160 people at it. How many people will be at the wedding itself???

Which invites the question: Do you still have it?

A 6 liter bottle of a dry wine, I can see. But a Sauternes? That will put everyone into sugar shock.

A bottle of Pisse Vieille. Bought it for the silly name, but it was an OK Brouilly.

Of course! When’s the right time to drink a bottle like that?

We counting “drunk on Winebid” purchases or not?


Yes, better to view it as commemorative.

Don’t sleep on strawberry hill boones, delicious as a teen on a warm summer day…

An LLC 1994 double-magnum, for $150, from a WB’er. The bottle is still on its side in my large refrigerator, for almost twenty years, awaiting an occasion with enough attendees to drink essentially one third of a standard wine case.


Really…why, unless you don’t like Chinato?

Kidding, hoping to get a rise out of Blake-

I couldn’t not buy a bottle of Moldovan Old Tavern once I saw the fake tree bark bottle, with real sawn-off branches embedded in the epoxy bark:

(How did it smell and taste, you ask? Like shoe polish.)