What is the flaw in this wine?

Tonight I opened a higher end '16 Burg that came in around a week ago. I usually wait longer after shipping but wanted to open one of these with my dad who was in town. It has been standing up for about five days. Using a traditional corkscrew, I opened it and a decent amount of wine “popped” out with it onto both my shirt and the counter. Cork wasn’t high and wasn’t soaked through at all. There was clearly trapped, pressurized air or gas in the wine…weird but not necessarily a dealbreaker.

First whiff was all burned rubber and it continued after two hours of decanting. The nose is finally starting to show some fruit and the rubber smell has become more subdued. The palate has great texture but something is up with the flavor profile. It’s muddled and savory.

What happened to this wine? I think it’s cooked but the cork indicates otherwise. Any other ideas?



Reduction is a possibility - can certainly be mercaptans. With reduction, air and oxygen can reduce the issue. Also, if you still have the wine, try the ‘copper penny’ trick - take a clean copper penny (IIRC it’s 1982 or before), stick it into a glass of wine, and see if the reduction recedes.

Keep us posted.


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Thanks, Larry and Ryan. If this is just reduction, it’s by far the most reduced red wine I’ve ever opened.

Is it cloudy David? might it have undergone re-fermentation in the bottle? That wouldn’t account for the rubber, but possibly the pressure release on opening.

No, looked fine to me. Wasn’t spritzy at all either.