What Happened to Pedro Domecq Sherries?

I wasn’t sure if this should be in ITB but I figured it would be seen more here in Wine Talk.

These wines seem to be out of the market. It’s hard to follow all of the moves, but Domecq is part of a big corporate conglomerate that seems to be under the control of Pernod Ricard. All of their liquor brands and even some of the Spanish Brandies seem to still be around but no Sherry.

Of course the Southern reps are no help with this.

Is the winery even still active? Just not imported to the USA?

I was specifically looking for the La Ina Fino and the Oloroso.

Of course, I have alternatives such as Lustau in stock but it’s hard for me to convince the customer that they have outlived their favorite brand of Sherry.

Anybody have an explanation? TIA.

Still around. I think the problem is with your distributor.

Brent, I posted this on eBob in 2007, and got basically no response … :

In my trip around Andalucía [Summer, 07], much of the worry I have felt is about the future of Bodegas Domecq, which is indubitably one of the greatest Sherry bodegas in existence.

The concern from all I encountered is that after the purchase of Domecq by Pernod Ricard and Fortune Brands, apparently all in the know have lost contact with the extraordinary soleras of Domecq Sherry. These ancient soleras cannot be rebuilt. If they are discarded or blended away, they will simply be lost to posterity.

The fear that I felt among all told is that the purchasers of Domecq do not care for the patrimony of these ancient wines, and that it is quite likely that Domecq will simply cease to exist as a label for some of the highest quality Sherry wine.

At the very least, this deserves public discussion and awareness among the wider community of wine lovers.


Would you care to elaborate? Based on my research through the trade route and Douglass’ comments, what can you tell me about the current status of these wines in the US market?

I have just learned elsewhere that the Domecq brands and soleras were sold to Osborne and will soon reappear in the market under their label.

Glad to hear about the soleras in particular. It would have been a terrible shame to lose them.

This is good news. Thanks!

The Wine Group owns that brand now.

A quick Google search turns up Snooth.com’s listings of US retails who offer these:

http://www.snooth.com/wines/casa+pedro+domecq/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


I’m trying to be serious here. A Snooth search? You’re funny.

Are the retailer listings there no good? I’ve never followed the links through and bought by that route. I know Greg dal Piaz there and he’s very much for real.