What fraction of your CT list is pending

Pending percentage

  • 0%
  • 1-10%
  • 11-20%
  • 21-30%
  • 31-40%
  • 41-50%
  • 50%+

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Calculated as (pending bottles) / (total bottles).

I love free storage. Also, obligatory Premier Cru joke.

This fluctuates throughout the year and now is the season with the lowest % pending, after taking delivery of fall and spring mailers from early November through April. By late October I’ll be back over 10% pending for sure. In past years I carried inventory at Winecommune and Garagiste and could get to 20% pending but now WC is dead and I’m very selective with Garagiste.

17% today, 10% this time next week.

0% just in time for summer! Tomorrow is our first day over 80


(I don’t use CT)

Very low percentage at this point.

Thank goodness.

Spent parts of yesterday and today removing “pending” wines by doing a bit of CT data entry. Now at 9.7% pending, but would have been above 20% without the data entry. I am getting lazy about keeping CT current and am sure to be surprised one day by the wines I find missing. [head-bang.gif]

Then isn’t it 100%? I mean, it’s all of it, right? [wow.gif]

Zero! I picked up all my pending wines from Envoyer this week and I am 100% checked in right now, which is terrific.

Very little. Would be almost nothing except for Ridge Monte Bello futures and the fact that I just purchased some Ceritas pinot and chardonnay.

Quite high for me due to futures (Ridge Monte Bello, Rhys, Siduri- the last being available for pickup now but Adam seems to be perpetually on the road.)

This is officially the end of shipping season for me, so the number is at it’s lowest of the year. Still almost 10%.

Very little due in at this time; hopefully keep it this way the rest of the year.

13.4% for me. 37% from a certain retailer in CA, 54% from wineries due this Fall, and the rest long term futures (Monte Bello, etc.)

I’ve been very excited to have 0 bottles pending for the past month.

almost identical to mine but this will be final shipping week until late Oct so the number will climb to well over 20% during the summer

I’ve got a full year of backlog sitting around at three shops… can’t wait to clear out my receivables, but that just means I’ll need to get more storage space.

Currently 0%. Hasn’t been that low since the day I signed up.

I’ve got a single case from Fass Selections that I am waiting on with 729 in storage. I also have a full Winecheck to enter when my wife returns from Spain next week.

I better be drinking a bit since I’m out of space completely.

Less than 10% but most of it is waiting for me to pick-up next week, with the exception of some Garagiste that’s about 4 months old.