What else do you pair wine with?

Many enjoy pairing wine with food, or more specifically cheese or chocolate. I’m wondering what else people might pair with their wine. Note I’m looking for something that you would pair with a specific wine, not wine generally, so don’t say, for example “friends”, but rather something like “Bordeaux and college football”, or “Tokaji and skydiving”. If you do have something, please share your preferred pairings. I can’t say I’ve really got any myself, but I’m wagering some others here will.

if I’m drinking alone, I pair wine with music. fast music if I’m writing notes, slower if I’m drinking.

Once Hugh Johnson was going on about how much he liked sweet Rieslings. Someone asked him, “But what can you drink them with?” He replied “TV”.

Sparklers and one night stands

Sparklers and getting home after work / dinner prep.