What do you do with wine gift boxes / single bottle OWC?

First world problems… What do you do with individual bottle boxes or single bottle cases? :gift: Especially around the holidays, I see them everywhere. Do you store the wines in the original boxes? Do you toss the boxes? Do you have a special use for them that is more environmentally friendly than adding to the landfill? :sweat_smile:

The easiest ones for me to deal with are the 100% thin cardboard boxes, which immediately go into recycling :recycle: (let’s not get into a discussion as to whether the waste companies are actually recycling them…). I don’t know what to do with wood boxes, wood boxes with plexi, faux leather boxes, or combo-material boxes (e.g., cardboard + styro + plastic bits + magnets). I feel bad tossing them in the garbage , but at the moment, all they’re doing is taking up space in the closet.

My boys use them OWC or premium Champagne boxes to store treasures. They have lots of treasures. In French, we call those treasures… junk.


The wood boxes burn really well in the fireplace, effective kindling


They double as attractive garage storage bins.


Bolly boxes burn well!

I stained one single bottle wood box and store my coravin in it.

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Thank you everyone. Seems like I need to find stuff to store in these boxes or be OK tossing them… I’m in SoCal on a canyon and am paranoid about wood burning, so we’re not using our outdoor firepit much anymore. Also, it was 76* today :melting_face:!