What did you cook tonight?

That flounder looks amazing.

It was outstanding. Us old school coastal folks love them. Really hard to find these days.
Current generation seems to have a thing about bones etc.


Like fried whole flounder at our favorite low-key Chinese restaurant here, where it’s family style and we don’t have to worry so much about being tidy when disassembling the fish.

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That was amazing! :heart_eyes:

A bit of a take on chicken shawarma. Chicken thighs seasoned (salt, cayenne, black and white pepper, cumin) overnight, browned on the skillet and then into the oven, and then chopped.

Served over a bed of hummus (Zahav recipe, so heavier on the tahini). Along with sugar snap peas sautéed in the drippings from the chicken, homemade sauerkraut that’s been fermenting for -4 months, and a bit of cilantro. Topped with Encona original hot sauce (which I find has a lovely funk).


salmon with a red wine reduction, snap pea and new potatoes with butter and chives. The rosé was a robust version


Looks great Mel. And back-to-back posts with snap peas! Don’t see that every day.

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4kg of live clams delivered yesterday late afternoon…

…so, pasta alle vongole for last night’s dinner.

Some current vintage Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc (I used some for making the sauce), and a side of broccoli made for a nice, simple end-of-work week dinner.


given how much I love cooking, and the fact that I make our dinner from scratch for about 90% of our dinners, I’m going to see if I can maintain participation in this thread … no pictures tonight, but I’ll try to be better about that moving forward.

Tonight was one of our favorite meals: Roasted Chicken

Did Marcella Hazan’s preparation, which really cannot be improved-on, imo — s&p rubbed in and out, along with some dried rosemary and dried thyme. two lemons in the cavity. Roasted on a bed of sliced potatoes and sectioned yellow onions, which were tossed in some EVOO with s&p. Separately, roasted some mini portobellas and sectioned carrots, tossed in a bit of EVOO, salt, and dry Moroccan seasoning. Paired with a 2016 Guiberteau - “Breze” Saumur Blanc.

Verdict: Yummy! :blush:


Brian I have this cookbook but have never done this; seems a little like the roasted chicken equivalent of a reverse sear (two thirds of the cooking time at lower temp, higher at the end). Looking forward to trying.

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“I had come to believe that one can judge the quality of a cook by his or her roast chicken.”

Julia Child

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I used to serve Julia Child a lot at a restaurant where she was a regular. I loved that she would usually order the most non fancy menu item - cheeseburger, fries and a beer, and could sniff a bullshitter from a mile away (the executive chef at the time).


Turns out perfectly every time. Same with her roasted duck recipe!

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That, or their eggs. (admittedly, I know I cook my scrambled eggs “wrong” — that’s how I like 'em ---- but I’m capable of cooking them “right.” :wink: :yum:

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That page, and the nearby duck recipe, is the section my copy of her book now naturally opens-up to.

The duck preparation is kind of crazy (you’ll know when you see), but it works per-fect-tly!


Have never seen “A hand-held hair dryer” in an ingredients list before… :smiley:

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I see you saw.:rofl:. It legit works. Fat literally oozes from the pores while doing it.

Italian themed Sunday lunch at my dad’s house a couple of days ago. Ordered pizzas & costoletta di vitello alla milanese from a nearby restaurant; my brother made an artichoke dish; and, for the pasta course, I made rigatoni alla Trattoria dei 13 Gobbi. Very simple recipe. I loved the original dish in Florence some years ago; so, recreated it back home. The closest I’ve made has been when I use Bianco DiNapoli canned tomatoes (local tomatoes simply won’t work; other Italian and Spanish brands I’ve used have yielded good results, but taste too different from the original).


Bratwurst, with a side of lentils and cauliflower.

That lentil/cauliflower recipe has been a huge hit with everyone I’ve served it to. Has a lemony vinaigrette on it. Super delicious, healthy, and wine-friendly!

Recipe link: Cauliflower and lentils recipe


This post needs a recipe…