What did you cook tonight?

The last thing we ate were homemade burgers. I really like to eat such food, but I try to eat something unhealthy as rarely as possible. I began to sit on the bed and take various supplements from Canadian Pharmacy Online , which help me in this. I also started in the morning 3-4 times a week. I think everything will work out as I want

Same here (well minus the walking distance part). If we want a Solomonov fix:

Braised lamb - easy
Pita - easy
Hummus - easy
Stuffed eggplant - easy
Salatim - nope. Never. Who’s got time to make that many different preparations for just 1/4 cup on each plate? We normally cherry pick one or two things and call it a day.

36 hour porchetta, cauliflower purée, Brussels sprout hash, sautéed carrots.

For the porchetta, I used Kenji’s all-belly recipe. Rubbed the inside with salt, fennel and pepper. Sliced the belly into two and rolled. Into the sous vide at 155f for 36 hours.

Poured off the excess liquid, sliced each of the belly pieces again into two (making 4 pieces of about 2lbs each). Fried each one in sunflower oil until crispy.

It’s an exceptionally rich dish so I picked lighter sides and spicier sauces/pastes to cut the richness - zhug and harissa. The zhug brings a bright heat; the harissa a deep, smoky heat. Also made more of a traditional sauce for purists. Took the gelatinous liquid the bellies gave off and mounted with some butter, as well as a bit of Dijon mustard and whole-grain mustard.


Costco has had wild calamari steaks lately for $5/lb, been using them breaded in panko for sandwiches with aioli, pickle, red onion, and lettuce or making calamari piccatta.

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Didn’t know Farm raised calamari was a thing

I never assume in this day and age.

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Leftover porchetta. One with zhug, the other with harissa. Some quick pickle.

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that looks outstanding ! what did you drink with the meal ?

I didn’t know calamari came in steak form

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The best kind. Big mothers

Humboldt squid (“flying squid”) are showing up more frequently off California and further north with the changes in ocean temperature. They’re good eating, if kind of a formidable creature to try to capture–big ones have mantles that can get up to 3-4 feet, and they will bite. They’re commercially fished. I don’t know what Costco is selling but I suppose they could be Humboldt squid steaks.

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Thanks Fred! I really struggled with what to pair with this meal, given the rich meat but spicy sauces, and given that most of the folks joining for dinner weren’t wine geeks. Grabbed three wines and figured I’d just see what worked best:

  • 2019 Pichler-Krutzler Riesling ‘In der wand’ - This has aaaaalllllll the acid that cut that richness, and played nicely with the spicy sauces. Really great pairing

  • 2017 Vincent Dancer Pommard Les Perrières - The one I’d popped last year was quite tart and not overly tannic, so I hoped it would satisfy those that wanted a red wine with the dinner without clashing with the sauces too much. It did quite well!

  • 2015 Gachot-Monot Chambolle Musigny - A hot mess of a wine if there ever was one. Just rich, ripe, and flabby. But one of my guests really enjoys wines at the very deep end of ‘over-the-top’, and so I knew this was up his alley. In fact half of the guests actually preferred this over the other two wines with dinner. I’d get depressed about that, but it left more of the good stuff for my wife and I :berserker:.

Very nice Jason, sounds like something for everyone. I would love to try the pairing with Riesling. Will have to try it.

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Another wave of awesome satay chicken plus stir fried cauliflower with scallions.


Tough to make Stroganoff look good in a photograph. I used Morgan Ranch Wagyu Filet Tips though. Tasted good! Chopped Ceasar salad, dressing and croutons from scratch.


Stroganoff is one of those 'tastes better than it looks ’ foods…


Another no frills quick dinner. Grilled chicken breast, bacon, jack and avocado on sourdough.


we did just that.

oven roasted spatchcocked bird with salsa verde, pan sauce and roasted cauliflower
drank this


Shrimp and andouille gumbo for me, mushroom and chard gumbo for the vege wife


Made some “zero filler” crab cakes. Yum.