What did you consume most this year?

According to CT; 2009 Top 3 (% wise):

California 28.2%
Rhone 14.5%
Burgundy 12.7%

top 5 in 09

33% Cabernet
15% Syrah
9% CDP
9% BDX
9% Champagne

Dont have any CT results/percentages…

But my best guess is Burgundy.

Our house white was Pepiere Clos de Briords this year, so I know from a single wine standpoint that we’ve drank several cases of the '07 & '08. Also a lot of chablis from a regional perspective.

Sojourn Pinot Noir
H. Billiot Champagne
Beer (winner in volume, but surely not quality).

Burgundy: 15.6%
Rhone: 15.6%
Bordeaux: 13.1%

would’ve figured the burg % to be higher and didn’t realize the Rhone % was even with Burgundy

I don’t keep track of the numbers, but I’d guess, for this year, the reds would be equal amounts of Burgundy, Bordeaux and Spanish (Rioja mainly, then Ribera del Duero, then, to a much lesser extent, other Spanish regions). For dry whites, mostly Spain for sure (Rías Baixas albariños mainly, plus a bit of txakolí) and Alsace. For rosés, surely a great majority would be Bandol, then Navarra. Bubblies were most all from Champagne, plus quite a small percentage of cava. Sweet wines, mostly Alsace, then Sauternes/Barsac.

Lots of ways to look at this. Links below are of use to CT usera

Of the bottles I drank, here are the top regions:
Rhône (53 bottles)
California (41 bottles)
Washington (31 bottles)
Bordeaux (30 bottles)
Burgundy (13 bottles)
Tuscany (13 bottles)

And the top varieties:
Red Rhone Blend (45 bottles)
Red Bordeaux Blend (42 bottles)
Riesling (25 bottles)
Syrah (24 bottles)
Pinot Noir (17 bottles)
Cabernet Sauvignon (13 bottles)

Sort of surprising. Looking at it, I lean VERY heavily to opening CA and WA when (newbie/non-wino) guests are over, much heavier on the European wines on my own.


Records not up to date but it shows 126 bottles of white burg.

Sort of surprising. Looking at it, I lean VERY heavily to opening CA and WA when (newbie/non-wino) guests are over, much heavier on the European wines on my own.[/quote]

Me too. I know the CA wines will be great and likable, and distrust the French and Italian wines so much that I only open them for me, then usually recork them for cooking or marinade, and go get a Cali bottle (Cab, Syrah, Pinot, Zin) to really drink. I have stubbornly even gone as far as three deep on Frenchies before giving up and, by then, probably going Aussie for a sure winner.
My consumption this year has been really dominated by US Pinot and Syrah, dominantly California, with a little Oregon creeping in. Maybe 100 Syrah and 75 Pinot, with 25+ Grenache slipping in. California Cabernet really down, less than 50 bottles, and Spain and Australia falling off the cliff to less than 25 of each. I am sure I have opened at least 50 French and 30 Italian bottles this year, and would never buy one of them again. Whites, about 50 bottles and all over the varietal and geographic spectrum, one-third tasted and then dumped into the cooking pot. Desserts, also all over the place, probably 50+ bottles mixed between PX, Sauternes, Muscat, and Port. Champagne or any sparkler, maybe less than 5 - three of them last week at the Syrah shootout. As I look at it, well lot of wine, lot of experimentation, starting to focus in. Only 291 French and 70 Italian bottles to get through, which means 361 days of wine for cooking. Guess I should buy 4 more.


This is the breakdown from my cellar over the past year.

Consumption by varietal: (Opened 30 different varietals this past year)
Syrah- 69 bottles (28%)
Pinot Noir- 37 bottles (15%)
Zinfandel- 33 bottles (13%)
Cabernet- 22 bottles (9%)
Red Rhone blends- 21 bottles (9%)

By Producer: (Opened 87 different producers this past year)
Carlisle- 21 bottles
Melville- 19 bottles
Justin- 18 bottles
McPrice Myers- 18 bottles
Linne Calodo- 17 bottles

Oregon Pinot Noir, 208 bottles, close to 50% of total consumption. (Lots gifted - I didn’t drink them all! neener

Beaujolais and cava by a significant margin over burgs, champagnes and loire reds/whites.

Niepoort 10 year Tawny.

Breakfast of Champions.

55% Cab
25% Syrah
7% Bordeaux Blend
6% Shiraz/Shiraz Blend
I gotta get out more. [basic-smile.gif]

Most from one producer was Beaucastel followed by Pegau. Big surprise, eh?

3+ cases Assyrtico,
5+ cases Riesling, or more,
4 cases or so of Ardbeg,
A bottle or two of old Bord, old Burg, old Rhone,
Some California wine,
A complete Harlan vertical,
A bottle of El Nido El Nido, which was repulsive,
3 bottles of Washington wine,
couple of crates of Champagne, and
one wafer-thin mint…

anything consumed with the X-Pensive Winos or my other wine group doesn’t count, lest someone think I have an alcohol problem

Point whore. neener