What did Dick eat today?

I’m getting worried. No post for over a day now!

One too many margaritas at Maria’s led to a nasty spat about nutmeg on pasta.

Chaos ensued.

lost the can opener, so no Progresso.

He probably doesn’t post when has food poisoning.



That title of your thread could really be misconstrued, glad you got it right!

I’m sure if there was misconstruing to do Ken V would have chimed in by now!

Anyways, Dick is back reporting on his meals, thankfully, but his wine descriptions have dropped any mention of cork conditions. And just when I had begun to examine my own corks with more attention.

Carollee has been opening the wines recently and she doesn’t tell me about the cork.

Marshall Gelb told Dick he should include more cabernet with his food if he wanted to be seen as a good home chef. I undersand Dick had a traumatic fit and hasn’t been coherent since the incident. Hang in there Dick, [thumbs-up.gif] Marshall is not always correct about such things.

blush [gheyfight.gif]