What de Négoce wine are you drinking tonight?

Just bought a case. Thank you!


Maybe if for some reason you throw out the first three scores.

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@Cameron_Hughes just got the email about 367 RRV chard arriving and about to ship. Email said it has been QC’d and is “absolutely ready to drink”

Can you share anything further on your tasting?

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The Bettini website indicsted this one was the only one ready to drink now. Probably should have decanted it longer.

361 RRV Zinfandel right now, nearly off the truck (delivered yesterday) - very nice, quite a classic RRV Zin profile - bright berries, a little “dust”, great acidic lift, nicely balanced, right in my wheel house, love it. It is also surprisingly light in color for such a robust wine - I mean, it’s dark, but translucent, not deeply saturated, which is interesting.


I think I would like this one quite a bit, shame this bottle was off. Tasted blind I would have guessed this to be 20 years older. My first off dN bottle (but still drinkable), just did not show well this time.

2018 de Négoce Cabernet Sauvignon OG N.32

Dark opaque ruby. Surprisingly developed nose with dark red fruit, fig, savory green herbs and some soy sauce. Palate is a little tart, underripe strawberries, some currants, and lots of chalky minerality. Grainy tannins that haven’t resolved compared to how developed this bottle was. This tastes like a cold climate CA cab, but something just isn’t right here. I think it was oxidized given how advanced this bottle was with the soy sauce notes and how it was out of balance.


OG N.24 2019 Napa Carneros Pinot Noir

It’s 8:30 pm, the bottle is empty. It must have been really good to disappear that fast.
I only remember that it was delicious and too easy to drink.
92, ‘Nuff said…
w/ smoked pork ribs and fried rice :yum:*


N.24 is definitely one of our favorites too! Thankfully we still have quite a few bottle to enjoy.


de Négoce L 205 Horse Heaven Hills 2019 Merlot / Wife’s first comment, ~ ‘lovely’. My initial reaction, ~ ‘pleasant’. This Washington state $13/$50 Merlot’s inaugural opening [bottled June 2021], at its current development, is a quiet, reserved, slightly higher priced ‘cellar defender’. Gone already are Cameron Hughes’ original notes of spicy on entry . . . . riding a robust tannin framework. A nice wine with a long finish that will not become inhibited by food tastes. The perfect wine today for our sitting quietly by watching in awe, brightly feathered Bluebirds outside our dining windows.


OG N.25 2018 Spring Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon

After 5 hours in the decanter, this really is opening up beautifully! Drinking good now with a long decant, will improve even more with additional cellaring! Double Yum​:wine_glass::wine_glass:
Scott w/ NY Steak, etc.


Had 25 last night as well with Persian food. No decant but wife was drinking white so it was slowly enjoyed over several hours. definitely opened up after the first hour. No notes just an enjoyable wine and one glass left in the bottle to check in on later this weekend

I was trying organize my wine a bit and found a 2018 Barossa valley Shiraz (anapernna) that was gifted to me a yr ago and I forgot about. I think I’ll open it tonight to get a taste of what a nice barossa valley Shiraz is supposed to taste like in anticipation of “the next great Australian Shiraz offer”


Just had my second DN wine, this time Chardonnay Lot 167 continuing my search for an “everyday” chardonnay to keep on hand. This was creamy feeling and ton of fruit right off the bat, almost to the point of sweetness without actual sugar, but then the finish was totally different. This two-tone sort of experience continued even as it warmed up and got more air. The warmer it got, the more floral it got. Not much citrus flavors (which to me is a good thing). In terms of quality, it was solid. Not great, not terrible, just “hey this is okay” type of response. I’d drink if it offered but wouldn’t buy again at $18. I marked it as 12 out of 20

This is only my second DN wine so right now I’m interested in comparing my experience to the tasting notes provided on the website. Some of the description I did pick up when I drank it (e.g. “creamy” and “sweet and blossomy”) but others I did not (e.g. “white peach and keffir lime notes”). I’d really like to try to calibrate my palate to the posting so I could hopefully buy with some confidence in the future, but for now I need to refrain from purchasing any more DN to see if this experiment merits continuing. I remain hopeful but unconvinced after two shots. I’ll keep going though and who knows.


I don’t care for chardonnays so I haven’t purchased any, but I’ve purchased plenty of other whites and roses that were real winners (N.177, N.134, N.226 come to mind). You should keep experimenting!

I’d also encourage doing blind tastings with DN and some of your other favorites. Any time I look at a more expensive bottle and then look at DN, my mind goes through the whole “if it’s cheaper it must not be as good” routine. Then I do a blind taste and find out DN scores #1 or #2 and my favorite, more expensive is dead last.

But I’ve had at least 1 dud… N.106 Tempranillo. Still cannot figure that one out.

  • 2019 de Négoce Merlot OG N.170 - USA, California, Sonoma County, Dry Creek Valley (10/11/2022)
    In a blind tasting I may mistake this for a Zinfandel, though after opening up with decanting it shows itself as a big merlot brimming with fruit, chocolate oak, hard cherry cough drop, and mint leaves. Mouth-coating tannin and acidity, well balanced, built for the long-haul. Drinking great now with a decant, but I can imagine this will improve greatly in time.

    That said, after tasting a high quality Chilean cabernet with neutral French oak, it reminded me that n.170 actually is somewhat closed up and has a long way to go to open up. Wonderful, high quality wine that perhaps should be drunk after 2023, IMHO. (92 points)

I keep thinking this is much more Zinfandel-like. Well-done wine, I love it, but Merlot, really? It can be, it is, but I would guess Zin blind way more than I would Merlot.


Ok so this will be fun.

I cracked open the bottle on the left, which is a $300 Napa Cab. And then I thought hell, I’d love to spice this up a bit, and then opened the one on the right, which is a #300 dN, one of the bottles I predict will be one of the, if not the, finest dN cabs out there.

Yes, I poured a glass but I ended up pouring it back to the decanter (same 24-ish hour decant on both) I will have my wife blind me these two tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes.


This is must watch tv for me. We love Alpha and I haven’t opened a N.300 yet. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


I hope you meant to say ‘$100.’


Jumping in my car and driving to Dallas:) I’ll be there by 3 pm if austin traffic cooperates:)

Just kidding:)

But seriously mikko I’ve always appreciated that while you are a dN fan boy you seem to always call a spade a spade when the dN product is does not deliver on its promise. I look forward to you blinded notes


What is the approximate time of the tasting event? Very exciting…


Average cellartracker price for that Sleeping Lady Reserve is right at $200, so split the difference. Either way, looking forward to the verdict and tasting notes on the blind side-by-side!