What bottle of wine did you open today? (Part 2)

Caronne Sainte Gemme - Haut-Médoc - 2009
Awful! The last bottle tasted in June 2021 was already flirting with overripe, syrupy flavours, but sadly, the crisp middle section and finish which saved it then are gone, leaving a lush mess. Hopefully this is not indicative of how other 09s will become. I’m a great fan of Caronne so this was a huge disappointment.

2010 Ch. Suduiraut Sauternes. Really nice. Have several more, so I wanted to see how it is progressing.

2016 Clos Beauregard

Very dark ruby/red. Viscous legs. Intense nose of flowers, plums, touch of vanilla and thyme. Palate is young, primary, with lots of dark plums, some earthy tones and more flowers. Finishes long, complex and with mouth-coating tannins. It feels like a good quality wine with plenty of upside. Nice! Me like!

Decanted 1/4 this afternoon. Bottle, glass, decanter all tipped over and lost about 3-4oz on my pants, table and floor. Happy I only decanted 1/4, this is some seriously good syrah. Rich and savory, silky tannins, definitely some oak influence, bit fruit, not what I’d consider cool climate style at all but a grand slam of a wine. A no brainer for the price.
Edit: I’ve had the 2021. The '20 is bigger and richer, uber-ripe fruit forward, and the '21 is a little lighter on it’s feet, less vanilla, and somewhat of a more elegant wine. It’ll be fun to compare the two side by side.

Syrah here too, this time from @Adam_Frisch . I wonder if you can guess what I think about wax capsules from the note.

2019 Sabelli-Frisch Syrah Harris Knowles Vineyard

… after fighting with the d%@n wax capsule and saying lots of nasty words, cursing the whole country of Sweden (where Adam is from) and secretly hoping Adam hits his toe on a bed post in the morning …

Dark youthful purple color, nose has quite a bit of VA, not very fruity, lots of mushrooms, nutmeg, moss, forest floor and tree bark. Interestingly, palate is the opposite, it is fresh, has some acidity, medium to full bodied, nice array of ripe blue fruits, slight jammy notes but not annoyingly so, and a touch of vanilla. Finishes with light tannins and very nice pure blueberry compote. This was pop n pour so the VA might blow out after some time, but I love the pure blueberry finish in this wine.


I had the 2019 Vincent Chardonnay tonight and it was delicious!

Last night- fresh, juicy and crushable Marsanny from Felettig. No harm to Drink ‘em if you got ‘em.


2019 Agathe Bursin Pinot Gris Zinnkoepfle - Delicious. Very floral nose followed by a stone fruit palate with a citrus finish. Off dry. I only bought one of these. I’m sure it will age a bit so maybe I can pick up some more.

2018 Baudry Chinon “Les Granges”

Opened, decanted, and poured a glass to have with dinner later. Should be good with the meatloaf that’s on the menu.

Yeah, this is a wine you want to decant. Last ounce or so on the right.

Sabelli '18 Flame Tokay


Last night, a 1986 Forman that was ready to go as soon as it was opened. Far from a bruiser – a lighter, fresher version of Napa. Herbaceous nose of tobacco, menthol and earth. Cherry, raspberry and stone on the palate with largely resolved tannins.

Last night, 2008 Laurent Perrier - this one had the acidity dialed up a notch and was exceptionally good.

Tonight 2015 ashes & diamonds No. 1 Vineyard 1 - Rutherford. 12.6% alcohol and so damn tasty. Old school, cassis and black cherry, minimal oak, and silky texture. I’ve always questioned the QPR from this producer but this is hitting right tonight.

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Last night, 2005 J. Rochioli Little Hill Pinot Noir. Tonight 2010 Carlisle James Berry Syrah.

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The 2013

Tonight a 2017 JB Yakima Valley Cab to go with the Osso Bucco on a bed of Milanese. Wine is coming into it’s own finally - these seem to be meant to age. Still has many years.

And to chase that, we opened a 2017 Enfield Waterhorse Ridge Cab and it was as usual magic. Consistently one of my absolute favorite Cali cabs.

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Last night a Kutch Pinot Sonoma County 2019, despite a pledge to keep my mitts off the Kutch. Too young but very tasty, dare I say elegant.
Tonight a Scherrer Zinfandel Shale Terrace 2001. My first aged zin, not quite sure what to make of it yet, sipping and thinking…

Did you decant / for how long?

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A magnum of 2010 R. López de Heredia Viña Tondonia Reserva for a couple of the heartier dishes last night.

With around 1&/2 (more or less) of aeration, it was good to go. An obviously fleshier, riper rendition of Viña Tondonia. Everyone liked it.

Secreto Ibérico.

Chuletón Vasco.