What Bedrock wine are you drinking tonight?

Saved a little for Day 3, but didn’t get a chance to finish it until Day 4 where it came alive with beautiful raspberry fruit that I was expecting on Day 1. With its balance and structure, this is definitely in for the long haul!!


2016 Bedrock Bedrock is tasty now, but will be great in another 5-10 years.

  • 2016 Bedrock Wine Co. The Bedrock Heritage - USA, California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Valley (9/27/2023)
    Still locked up tight, but brimming with material. High toned zin fruit, but welded to a full bodied, imposing structure full of chalky minerals, beef boullion, cocoa powder, medium fine tannins, and a sweep of dried hay and flowers, not unlike an old school St Emilion (Canon maybe). Some really lovely cherry pit and cherry skin essence on the back palate. I’m starting to think that the more structured Bedrocks really should follow the rule of 15... and why not, it’s a world class wine to match the rest. 93 now, maybe 95+ in another decade. (93 points)

Unfortunately, had a corked bottle of 2016 Cuvee Karatas last night. Was a bummer as other bottles have been excellent, getting better over time.

That’s bad news, love that wine.

I should be scolded for drinking this baby 2020 Bedrock Monte Rosso Zin. Slapped, perhaps. But the lady of the house and I just got stuck in a freakin monsoon at the beach. We went walking and the skies opened up on us 2.3 miles from the house. Came home drenched, hungry, and momma demanded a red. She doesn’t drink many reds, but when she does, it’s Bedrock. This wine is gorgeous. Young for sure, but if there is Zin for Chinon fans, this ranks up there. Spice, red tones, acid. And like my fellow cycling buddy @M_Dildine says, blood orange. And I salivate for blood orange. This wine has it in spades. An outstanding Zin for my clunky country palate. (94 pts.)


Given your run of luck lately, I might lay low at the crib for a few days :grin:

You may laugh, but the beach crib is leaking. Just called the contractor. One must just keep drinking. It’s been a ridiculously stormy day. Made for a fantastic nap, however.

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Chris and company at Bedrock very promptly offered to replace the bottle and are going to send it with next weeks shipment.

Fantastic customer service as always. Kudos to them.

2018 Sonoma County Cabernet and 2020 Schmeidt Rd Zinfandel were delicious with t-bones and garden vegetables on the grill with family last night.

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