What are you drinking tonight?

I’m staying up to watch the Sox play in Oakland, and will be accompanied by a red burg, thinking an 04 just to punish myself :wink:

Couldn’t be worse than watching the Rangers.

Rescue Me is on tonight and I should be drinking Irish Whisky…but alas, I despise the stuff. Might have an '05 Napa Cab to go with the Flannery Skirt Steak.

I thought the Rangers were hot (ie scoring a lot, their pitching must still stink?)

Yeah, score 8 runs but give up 10. Great way to win ball games.

Nothing…I think. I’m preparing my liver for Tahoe this weekend.

I’ll have the Red Sox on in the background, which of late has required brown liquor. But that will be saved until I am done with my taxes, which I have largely neglected thus far. At which point I will need to lean on my old friend Mr. Daniels I’m sure.

PS time with this cold front we got here in Cali.

Something to go with catfish and broccoli, either a Sancerre or a White Burgundy.

Tonight, nothing. Tomorrow, dinner at Bandera and 2004 Merus.
Am counting down the hours.

Not much of anything for a while. I’ll be on vacation with my family at my Mom’s house, so I will probably need some heavier drugs…

Had cajun catfish the other night, great stuff with bubbly.

Bordeaux . . . surprise surprise . . .

actually opened an inexpensive Argentinian Malbec i got as a gift i guess. not bad @ all!

'04 KB Amber Ridge syrah. Finishing the 2nd half of abottle leftover from last night and once again another overhyped KB. This is all about tannins with fruit lurking somewhere in the shadows. I don’t see much hope in the fruit out living the tannins but at this point I don’t see any other option but hope since this just is not very interesting at this stage.

Having dinner at the Miailhes’ Manila residence tonight, so, naturally, only Bdx will be on the table unless I bring some Burg.

We’re test hopping at 2007 Lucia SLH Pinot, pretty darn good.

Opened a Gunderloch Riesling, Jean Baptiste 07 and it was horrible!!! Heavily oxidized and gone in every way. WTF? Bottled under screw cap. I only bought two of these. I’ll have to check the other one.
Replaced that with a 04 Condes de Albarei, Rias Biaxas. Nice lemony cutard- On it’s way down hill though- showing slight oxidation and less fruit than it used to have.

On deck- 04 Humboldt Syrah. Haven’t had one in over a year, and am curious how it’s hangin.

My bottle is f’in fantastic btw . . .

Point Conception '05 Pinot. I wish i had waited o the other bottles I already drank, 'cuz it’s GRRREAT right now.

I am a big fan of this wine as well. Killer deal ta’ boot!