What are the top wines near Santa Barbara?

Going for first time - would like some input.


Liquid farm is near there.

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  • Liquid Farm (Happy Canyon/Lompoc)
  • Lo-Fi - natural wines in Los Alamos
  • Domaine de La Cote - high level pinot
  • Pedirasissi - Syrah
  • Au Bon Climat
  • Whitcraft
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Tyler is our favorite in the area.

Are you going to the city of Santa Barbara or ‘Santa Barbara wine country’? If you are staying in the city, check out:


If you are heading up into the Valley, your choices are numerous and I’d be happy to suggest some but perhaps you can let us know what you’re looking for rather then ‘the best’ which is simply too subjective and open ended.


And Larry is too modest to mention his own wines at Tercero, which are excellent, and his roses are world class.

Larry at Tercero and Wendy at Crawford just hooked up a friend who is making his first trip to wine country. He wanted to visit Paso. No no no… Support the family!

The restrictions will be removed in the next couple of weeks.

Fond earlier wine memory is having cioppino at Brophy on the pier then tasting at Jaffurs & Kunin when their daughter was still in a carrier behind the bar.

Liquid Farm
Crawford Family
Harrison Clarke
Ken Brown

Loved the SB Wine Collective downtown, too.

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You need to go up to Solvang, Lompoc, Los Olivos…MORE options…

If you are going up to the Buellton area stop by Buscador and see Matt. Great guy and amazing wines.

Yes - Larry makes the best value wines in Santa Barbara - and he’s one of the more knowledgable people in the area in regards to Santa Barbara vineyards and wineries - a must visit.

Happy Canyon and Dierberg Winery is a great visit -

Brander for the best Sauvignon Blanc in California

Crown Point - Happy Canyon.
Melville - Sta Rita Hills
Stolpman - Ballard Canyon
Foxen - Santa Maria Valley
Bien Nacido - Los Olivos

I’ll add Dragonette and Story of Soil. A lot of great place over there.

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Co-sign so many options above - if you like cool climate Syrah check out holus Bolus too they have a tasting room a stones throw from Tercero


Melville - Sta Rita Hills
Stolpman - Ballard Canyon
Foxen - Santa Maria Valley

Love the first 2 and need to try Foxen.

We had a nice tasting at Margerum on our last trip.

Not exactly Santa Barbara, but Sea Smoke is about an hour’s drive north and one of the better wines in the area. Unless something’s changed, I don’t think they offer tastings or tours to non-list members though.

You can taste Sea Smoke @ Taste of Sta Rita Hills. They used to be in Lompoc but moved over to Los Olivos it looks like.


Chanin is one of my favorites but they’re closed to tasting along with Sandhi/DDLC right now. If i was going into SBC i’d head to Tyler/Sanford/Melville/etc or spend most of the day in Los Olivos (LF, Dragonette, Bien Nacido, Story of Soil, Tensley, Tercero, Stolpman, Brewer-Clifton, etc.) and stop by Los Alamos for Bob’s Well Bread/Full of Life/Bells. I’d also stop at Grace Wine Company / Casa Dumetz if you had the time. I hear those are great.