What are the signatures on this Antinori?

Hello everyone, first post here.

I am a fan of Villa Antinori as an any occasion wine. (I know it’s probably nothing special to you all.)

One of the bottles I bought recently is a 2012 with a pair of signatures in pen on the lower of the label. I’m just wondering if anyone has seen this before.

I’m not sure who would have signed it, so I just wanted to see if it might be interesting, or nothing.



As you note, someone signed that in pen, that isn’t part of the label itself, so I have no idea. It could be anyone.

Villa Antinori is a good, consistent, food-friendly wine for something reasonably priced and easy to obtain. A solid choice off of restaurant wine lists. Glad you found it and enjoy it.

Come hang out with us some more. People talk about expensive wines, but we also discuss wines at this price range. And there is a lot to learn on here that applies to understanding and appreciating any kind of wine.

It looks like it says “Love” above the signature, so I would guess it is not someone connected to the winery who signed it.

Where did you buy the bottle? From a store or second hand (auction or collector)?

Connor, show that to your Significant Other, and let us know what your hear.