Westerly SB, 07 Scherrer Shale Terrace & 02 Quilceda Creek

DINNER @ MOM’S - (6/7/2009)

  • 2007 Westerly Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc - USA, California, Central Coast, Santa Ynez Valley
    This seems to be a consistently good Cali Sav Blanc. This was basically just sippn wine for us this night, providing nice refreshing fruit and zippy acidity. Normally I don’t like Sav Blanc without a good food match but this works. (89 pts.)
  • 2007 Scherrer Winery Zinfandel Scherrer Shale Terrace - USA, California, Sonoma County, Alexander Valley
    My second shot at this after being chided for opening the first one too soon. This is an outrageous zin and it is under 20 bones. Crazy. The aromatics have woken up. Lots of berries and bramble. Tons of zin fruit with none of that overly heavy mouth-feel and goopy raisiny fruit. The elegance of pinot with the hedonism of zin. This has great structure but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to keep my hands of the rest of the bottles. (95 pts.)
  • 2002 Quilceda Creek Cabernet Sauvignon - USA, Washington
    Opened and given a brief decant. That is all that is necessary. I have never bought QC but with a family member a long time list member, I do get to drink them on occasion (and have been given a few bottles). I really like these wines. Big smooth and soft. The aromatics are big and ripe along with lots of oak but I really enjoyed the balance. This is a big wine but far from being over the top. This is good big for me. The purple fruit is at front but there are some earthy and herbal qualities on the palate. Not too heavy on the palate. And I really enjoyed how the ripe fruit carried no cloying sweetness. I find the tannins and acid soft so I don’t know why you would want to age this further but the few QCs I have had with 10 or more years on them have still been singing. Not sure what I will do with my lone bottle of this. (94 pts.)



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Jason - NOT helping with that Scherrer note!

I skipped his '07’s and now I regret it…I was so big on '06’s I should have just gone in even a bit.

Thanks for the note on the 02 QC! It is the first vintage I have and have been dying to try one… maybe I will crack one this year…

Great notes Jason.

I ordered some older vintages of the Scherrer zins and liked them, but didn’t love them. The '03 or '04 shale terrace I had was just bizarre with odd candied citrus flavors and funky odors of the bad sort, but perhaps it was just an off bottle. The other shale terrace I had was too singular and juicy fruity for my taste. The OMV Scherrer zins however, those were pretty good.

Overall, Q.C. is a wine made for aging IMO. They start drinking much better 8-10 yrs out or perhaps that is the profile I most prefer?? I’ve had 2 99’s in the past two years. The last one I had this year was not decanted long enough and did not show as well as the one I had in latter part of 2007 which was decanted much longer. The 99’ is perhaps also the most bordeaux like of the most recent vintages. Time will tell on the 05’ vintage as to it’s greatness. In my opinon, Tanzer’s scores on the QC are more accurate of the wine than Wine Advocate’s. But they are great wines nonetheless.

Nice TN’s Jason [cheers.gif]

Thanks Jason, great note!

The Scherrer “ST” is indeed sick. I’m sipping an 07 Turley “Juvenile” at the moment - another $20 Zinfandel.

The Turley is very nice indeed - extremely pure and fresh. A wonderful value for the money. But it pales in comparison to the Scherrer.

Unfortunately, I only have 2 STs remaining. Fortunately, I have 11 OMVs (which IMO is even better than the superb Shale Terrace).

People who say CA wines are poor values at all price points haven’t tasted this.

You skipped the 2007’s? [suicide.gif]

Jason - thanks for the notes. I tried the 02 Quilceda Creek about 1 year ago maybe a year and half ago. Opened and tasted and thought wow this sucks, how could it be a 100 pt (or near 100 pter) double decanted then drank about 4-5 hours later and voila…awesome wine. Not 100 pts but for me IIRC somewhere around 95-96 pts.

Brett - if you do open one this year I would suggest opening one 4-5 hours prior to drinking. Taste it and see if it needs some air. If it does, do a quick double decant. If not, just pop the cork back in the bottle.

Dude. Awesome notes. The Scherrer sounds awesome. Reminds me that I haven’t ordered from them in ages and need to do at some point before too long. Fred and Judi are awesome people with awesome wine.

It has been awhile since I have purchased a Turley … didn’t the Juvenile used to be more expensive.

Unfortunately, I only have 2 STs remaining. Fortunately, I have 11 OMVs (which IMO is even better than the superb Shale Terrace).

Good job. Yeah after tasting the OMV I was bummed I didn’t get more. I loved it.


Thanks for the input.

I’ve still got a mag of '05 OMV in the cellar, plus 9 more bottles of the '06 OMV…I’m set for zin.

For a guy who doesn’t throw points out recklessly, that must be a helluva zin.
Sounds great.
For $20…crazy.

Believe the hype it is that good!!!

Yet Fred keeps those prices down, vintage after vintage!

If you buy ‘futures’, you get a nice little discount as well…