Westborn Wine - New California Sparkling Project

New California Sparkling project from Weston Eidson, Russell Bevan, and Nathan Reeves.

Website is live for allocation signups (https://www.westbornwine.com/)


Thanks for this!

Anybody had the opportunity to try these yet? Definitely sounds interesting…depending on the price-point of course.

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Dropping a podcast link I found.

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I’m thrilled about this project. I’ve known Weston Eidson for many years and have had the privilege of watching this project grow from the start. Westborn has been a labor of love for six years for Russell, Weston and Nate, with their inaugural vintage being 2018 (even though they will release 2019 first). Westborn’s mission to elevate California sparkling wines is absolutely something to follow.

What makes Westborn stand out from other California sparkling wine projects is their focus on sourcing grapes from several top-tier “grand cru” vineyards. They’re bringing together Chardonnay from Hudson, Hyde, Ritchie, Charles Heintz, and others, as well as Pinot Noir from Hirsch, Silver Eagle, Gap’s Crown, and Ferrington, as well as including the rare to find in California, Pinot Meunièr. They’re also putting a big emphasis on their reserve wine program, which will debut with a perpetual reserve cuvée in the first release.

I’ve been able to taste the wines as components (all the different vineyards as still wines), try the wines in bottle over the last few years and recently try three of the cuvées just last week shortly after disgorgement. If Westborn is aiming for a signature trait to make them standout, it is undoubtedly texture. These wines are incredibly balanced and layered with a texture in California sparkling wine I’ve not come across before. Of the ones I’ve tasted (2019 Brut, 2019 Rosé, NV Perpetual Reserve), they are distinctly grower champagne in style.


Looks interesting and expensive.


That’s my biggest concern for sure. I hear Bevan and talks of reserve Cuvée and i start seeing dollar signs, ha!

@Shay_A , really appreciate all the details and the wines sound excellent! Any rough idea of a pricing range for these?


Given that Ultramarine, which also sources from Heintz, trades in the low $100 range on resale, my bet is that this will be higher, given the winemakers and the grape sources.

I’ll bet $129/750mL.


I’m not sure of official pricing yet, but I do know there will be tiered pricing across the four cuvées (with the NV perpetual reserve on one end and the rosé on the other).

I’ll be tasting through three of the cuvées again soon and will be curious to see what change (if any) has taken place since my first experience right after disgorgement, but I’ll give brief first impressions below for those who are curious of style. All are in the “extra brut” category regarding dosage (which feels perfectly dialed in):

-Perpetual Reserve is the one that stands out the most for texture; lots of layers here showing spiced fruits and the perpetual reserve type profile; after time open, it reminded me of Bereche and Egly-Ouriet’s styles

-2019 Brut is bright, laser focused with serious purity of fruit. It also really opens up after it has time to breathe in the glass; powerful; initially Ruppert-Leroy like before being reminiscent of some of the Gimonnet champagnes. The Chardonnay in the blend, mainly from Ritchie, Durell and Charles Heintz vineyards, really shines through

-2019 Rosé initially reminded me of Billecart’s rosé with a strawberry and rose-like elegance; I was able to try the second half of the bottle the following day and it bulked up in weight and sported bigger red fruits closer to something like a Paul Bara rosé

I’m a bubbles nerd, so naturally I love looking for comparisons. I’m looking forward to trying it again and will be happy to report more.


Very interesting. I’m a big fan of Ultramarine when it’s on, but have had a couple of duds lately (and no response from the winery), so it might be about time to jump ship to another CA producer.

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This is delusional pricing IMO. Excellent bubbly from CA and elsewhere can be had for a fraction of that.

To be clear, I was guessing :slight_smile:


Can you explain what you mean with the term ‘duds’? Oxidized? Lacking bubbles?


So . . .

Really high pricing on sparkling is delusional but it’s not delusional on other varieties? :face_with_monocle::grimacing::popcorn:

One tasted like sparkling asparagus juice and another seemed kind of like a wine/beer hybrid, which wasn’t bad, but not what I’m looking for when I open $90 or whatever bottle of wine. I’ve loved most Ultramarine wine I’ve had, but those two didnt have the quality I expect from that producer or price range.

Did you have multiple bottles of the same wine/same vintage? Curious if so and if there were big differ differences.

And they have not responded to your concerns?


Ive only opened one bottle of each of the duds. I only emailed after the asparagus wine and received no response.