West Palm/Boca Raton Reqs

Any suggestions? Staying at the Boca Raton Beach Club.

I don’t know anything about Boca and not much about West Palm. We fly into WP several times a year. And if the time is right for lunch we usually stop by Cafe Chardonnay on our way to my Dad’s place. We had a really good pizza at Carmine’s last month.


Trattoria Romana
Chops Lobster Bar
Max’s Harvest
Casa De Angelos
Farmers Table
Boheme Bistro

Thanks folks.

Chris -

My wife and I stay at this resort quite a bit, my favorite in Florida. It is an architectural gem - the original section - and quite historic. The Beach Club is more swanky asian modern. We normally stay on property as the restaurants are very good. Once in a while we will drive to the Delray strip as the youthful energy is fun. Just walk down that strip and pick a place that looks decent, we have not been disappointed.

We just got home from spending a week in Delray. Been going there regularly since I was a kid. There are some excellent restaurants and shops along the Atlantic Avenue strip and in the new Pineapple Grove arts district off NE 2nd Ave. Our current favorites are Max’s Harvest, J&J Seafood, Tryst, 3rd&3rd (although I believe it is closed for renovation most of August), and Tramonti. And if you’re in the mood for a fantastic greasy cheeseburger and one of the best milkshakes ever, check out Doc’s. Have a good time!

I was just there last weekend. Recommendations:

  1. Take the hotel shuttle to the main hotel and checkout the grounds.
  2. The Blu Restaurant on site has avg food but the 27th floor view is great
  3. Try a burger at the 501 East Restaurant for lunch
  4. DO NOT eat at the Beach Club’s Restaurant: SeaGrille, AWEFUL food and service

Off-site, very nearby and so worth the cab ride:

  1. The Rebel House
  2. Rack-(Seabass, Crabcakes really good)
  3. Twenty-Twenty Grill


32 East in Delray is the best IMO. On Atlantic Ave

Reviews from Yelp make it sound like joint has fallen on hard times but I visited Delray hundreds of times up to 2008 when my folks passed. Wine list always had cherries, I ordered Cheval Blanc here more than once.


Another Vote for Trattoria Romana
+1 for 32 East, my personal favorite, fish is always great.
On Sunday during the summer wines are 50% off up to $100 (max of $50 off) and they have a great list


32 East - 50% off bottles $100 or less on Sunday.
Max’s Harvest
Tryst - 40% off ALL bottles on Tuesday.
The Grove
50 Ocean
Cabana El Rey

Boca we don’t frequent as much but here are a couple.

13 American Table, close to your resort
Rebel House

32 East last night.

I was surprised to see a lot of appetizing pork, duck and beef; but I’m in Florida so I went with their take on shrimp n grits. My coworker got snapper. A lot of fish were sold out so these were the only two options. The $50 off Sunday’s caused me to bite on a 2007 chassagne montrachet to go with our fish. Both dishes were nice and the wine was a treat. The owner seemed like a nice guy and he’s put together a great, approachable, food friendly list.

I’ll keep everybody updated.

Btw the hotel is a gem. I’m a sucker for 1920s Art Deco Florida, and this place has done a great job. Rooms are nice, cozy and the bed is so comfortable.

32nd east is IMO one of the best restaurants in Florida. It’s not Daniel in WPB or some of the other Haute Cuisine in Miami but it’s got a great menu that changes every few days and usually has fantastic fish options. Sorry to hear they were out when you went Chris. The Chef has a few professional spear fisherman he buys from. I had Hogfish for the first time there and it was excellent. Their beef options are also outstanding and fairly priced as well.

The wine list is also one of the tops around excluding the Temple up in Tampa.

Totally forgot Cafe Daniel in Pam Beach. Been twice and both times it was excellent. A fair amount of higher end, most not worth the trip, in Palm Beach.


Bringing this discussion back for an update. Does anyone have current recommendations? I’m visiting my mom (St. Andrews CC, Boca Raton) in mid January. I’ve been subjected to some mundane (and some awful) restaurants in the area. I’d like to take her out to a couple of fine restaurants. Do the recommendations above still stand?

I’d appreciate any comments and updates.


Mine are all the same.


3 G’s Deli;


My recommendations are still the same.
If you want to venture up to Palm Beach Bucan is great, but make reservations now, it’s hard to get one in season.

Just there this past week


Casa d"angelo We always enjoy the food here and Wed night 1/2 off any bottle wine which is a real deal! (my 1999 Giacosa barolo I brought was corked and was very happy to order off the list)

Trattoria Romana we also enjoyed

New York Prime Steak house… steak houses are not my thing but this was as good as any I have been to

3 of my favorites!