Went nuts and ...

… bought two Leoville Las Cases 05s on sale and in bottle for $265. Absurd price for a single bottle of wine, but then again, a great wine. And a competitive price.

Totally and completely insane. I’ll bring a champagne. Where and what time?

Call me in 5 years, Panos!

I’m much more entertaining than Neal!

I have the 05 Cos. When do we meet?

Do it in PR and I’ll take care of the details…

Great vintage with fourteen years of bottle age, as opposed to the same estate’s 2018 at a similar price. Smart buy, grasshopper.

I can bring Montrose

Seriously, Howard?! We have LLC and Montrose, and you are including Jay and his milkshake?! [wow.gif]

I like the Puerto Rico angle. Carlos is VIP down there.

Cos and Montrose are the two historic superstar estates of the Medoc. One has lost its way, the other clearly has not. A comparison between the two would be interesting, esp. since I get to taste Panos’ LLC and your Haut Brion also. [winner.gif] And, I figured the tasting would be at your mansion although it also could be at my house.

Of course, there will be two tastings. One night we do this wines. The next night I make you and Jay drink Burgundy!!! [wow.gif] [oops.gif] [help.gif]

I would mention feeling sorry for Panos having to put up with a bunch of lawyers, but Panos has to do this every year when he comes home to DC. I think at our big January tasting this year there were two thirds attorneys or retired attorneys and one of the others is married to a retired attorney. And, it was only Panos who was turned away at the French embassy.

I think it’s funny you scorned the Cos, even though LLC has long had the reputation for having the most “spoofy” wine-making, although I will leave it to others as to whether cold soaks, temperature-controlled fermentation and gravity pumps are more spoofy than micro-oxygenation or reverse osmosis.

Incidentally, at the 2017 Farr tasting, both Montrose and Cos were described as “nowhere near ready to drink,” and in his 2018 article on Cos, Neal Martin said that the 2005 needed 15-20 more years to reach its drinking window. I doubt the LLC is any closer. Have fun drinking tannin bombs. (Now I can hear Joan Jett singing, “ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-tannin bombs!” I’ll have that damn song in my head all day.)

I thought my emoticon would have suggested a bit of sarcasm in my post.

And yea, I’m not touching the big boy left banks from 2005 for a very long time.

I thought the emoticon was about bringing Cos, specifically.

It was

I seem to recall from prior discussions that you also are not a huge LLC fan.

You guys are killing me. I was being sarcastic. However, I do not think LLC is spoofed like Cos. And I don’t think anyone says Montrose is spoofed!

I’m out, gotta go bill some sick fees. :slight_smile:

I’ve had 9 bottles of 2005 Cos because I have no problem killing em young. It’s sensational. Ignore this “spoof” bullshit. That wine is big, I’ll readily admit, but it’s Bordeaux, it is not syrupy, and it is super complex and aromatic. I’ll bring a 2005 Le Dome if you guys want to do this.

KIDDING! (Not about the Cos).

Robert would like it better if you bring Ducru. https://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=160420&p=2724351&hilit=ducru+mission+palmer#p2724351

My favorite super second from the Medoc was the Pichon Baron. But the really great wine, the one you want for the tasting, is from the Right Bank, the VCC. I think Panos is also a major fan.

Panos you couldn’t have posted in a more sympathetic place. To be a Berserker is to passionately pursue the great wine under $50 before others discover it. And at the same time to crack and pay up for the great wine we all know about.

I would love to attend this 2005 Bordeaux event in 5 or 10 years. I’ll bring Palmer :slight_smile:.

LOL. #stillbitter