Weingut Loersch

Any experience with Weingut Loersch? I’m particularly interested in the feinherbs.

Lots of love for MSR amongst Berserkers (myself included!), but Loersch is hardly mentioned.


I strongly recommend Loersch, really good feinherb Rieslings. I guess there is a note from mr in the archive.

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Many thanks, Martin!

Any thoughts on house style compared to other feinherbs I’m more familiar with - namely, Falkenstein, AJ Adam, Ulli Stein, Selbach-Oster…

Appreciate any and all help.

Go to Mosel Fine Wines for more info. Here is one example of feinherb mentioned in their new edition.


2020er Loersch Dhroner Hofberg Riesling Kabinett Feinherb 13 21

“The 2020er Hofberg Riesling Kabinett Feinherb, as it is referred to on the central part of the label, was made from fruit at 82° Oechsle in the Hengelberg hill and the main hill of the vineyard and was fermented to off-dry levels of residual sugar (21 g/l). It offers a beautiful nose made of pear, passion fruit, mint, whipped cream, spices, and herbal elements. The wine is gorgeously lively and packed with citrusy flavors on the palate. It leaves a gorgeous feel of spices, floral elements, and fine chalky elements in the nicely tart and mouthwatering finish. This beautiful off-dry Kabinett now just needs a little bit of patience to shine.” 2025-2035



I just looked in the archive and found that the 2016 Hofberg Kabinett feinherb received 91/100 at my BerlinKabinettCup and was one of the discoveries of the Cup a couple of years ago.

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