Weinboxes for ALMOST FREE (Greater Boston)

Hi everyone,

I’m moving from self-storage of my cellar to a full-service solution, so I now have about 26 Weinboxes I don’t need any more.

They can be yours for the price of one nice bottle of wine. You get to define nice.

The boxes are at the Gordon’s storage facility in Watertown. Come meet me there and pick them up.

This needs to be done by the end of June because that’s when I give my cellar units back. So act fast!


PM sent

As a guy who sold a bunch of weinboxes thinking I’d never need them again, I’d advise you to hold on to a few!

Hi Chris. Yes, they are great and super useful, but I am moving my collection to a fully managed external facility. My days of schlepping cases and weinboxes are over (hopefully)

If still available, I’ll pay shipping + for a nice bottle of wine to SoCal

Bump! Still available. Now listed on FB marketplace with photos to make it more “real”