Weinbau Paetra -Willamette Valley, Oregon RIESLING!

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This is my first go at Berserker Day and I’m very excited to be a part of it! Hopefully these offers are enticing. We sure worked hard on the wines! My Background and more farming/winemaking info can be found in the Newbies thread:http://www.wineberserkers.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=136766


2015 Paetra Riesling Willamette Valley ‘K’ (Kabinett)

This is the first several harvest passes of two different vineyards, picked to retain freshness and acidity while keeping the alcohol at bay. There was ZERO botrytis, and extremely healthy fruit which was in the mid 80’s Oechsle. After gentle pressing and sedimentation by gravity, it was racked into stainless steel where it fermented spontaneously without chemical additions, acid or sugar adds. After fermentation, the wine sat Sur Lie until filtration and bottling. There are two Riesling clones present, N90 and a Geisenheim clone which give a white peach and citrus element to the wine, the sur lie seems to add a salty, sea-spray minerality and savoriness which plays really well with the floral characteristics. It is very slightly off-dry. In fact, if we were still in Germany I’d label it feinherb at 13g/l residual sugar. I love the balance of it and it has served well as a delicious all-occasion, go-to white. As vibrant as it is, there are years of cellaring and development to go. 11.5% alc, 13 g/l rs, 8.5 g/l TA (270 case production)

90 Points David Schildknecht.


Mixed 6-pack 2015 Rieslings

These are all actually Single-vineyard Rieslings, but I label them by AVA because I think it’s less confusing. I make them with the long-haul in mind, but I find the Spätlese especially hard not to open even young.

2 Bottles 2015 Paetra Riesling Eola-Amity Hills ‘S’ (Spätlese)

This was harvested after the Kabinett but before the dry wines. Again, wild-yeast fermented without adds other than SO2. At 35g/l residual sugar and 10% Alc, I was trying to go after a classic 60’s-70’s style Spätlese, where todays German Spätlesen often have 2-3 times as much RS. In this respect, it is more like a modern Kabinett. My main concern is usefulness at table, but damn if it isn’t delicious just to ponder or pound down! Peaches, aloe, lime zest…(70 case production)

2 Bottles 2015 Paetra Riesling Eola-Amity Hills Dry

This is my favorite wine of the vintage. Fermented wild, slow and cold in neutral oak after considerable pre-press skin maceration. This is N90 Clone on loess soil with a sandy-clay subsoil. Very juicy peach, sponti-carob savoriness, paprika and some power. The Pfalziest wine I make for sure. Not even close to ready to consume, but it’s starting to open up…13% alc. 8g/l rs, 6.5 g/l TA (144 case production)

2 Bottles 2015 Paetra Yamhill-Carlton Dry

This vineyard is north-facing in a forest clearing and hence a very cool site. I’ve been working hard to revive it by bringing in lots of biodiversity and trying to revitalize the soil. It is quirky and full of personality, but also completely serene. I get some of the same from the wine which is green and herbal with a lot of autumnal flavors and basil and green apple. Willakenzie soil. It was, like all of the wines, made without commercial yeast, acid, sugar, or chemical adds and fermented in neutral oak. 13% alc, 10g/l rs, 8 g/l TA. (92 case production)

How to order: Follow this link: http://paetrawine.com/shop.html
Add BD #1, BD #2 or both, or multiples of both to your cart! In the event that we sell out, I’ll replace with 2016 vintage.

I will ship when weather permits. $30 flat shipping for the 6pk, $50 flat for a case (continental US). If you prefer, you can e-mail me with your order: bill@paetrawine.com

Please do reach out with any questions you may have! There is a lot more info on the website http://www.paetrawine.com and also in the Berserker Day Newbies intro section.

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