Weekly Beer Focus - Imperial Stouts, Mar 25 - Apr 3

Spring still feels like winter so lets line up the bruisers to keep us warm. [drinkers.gif]

Here are some Beer Advocate links for reference.
American Double/Imperial Stouts
Russian Imperial Stouts

This could be trouble. Most of my stouts are +10% and in bombers. [cheers.gif]

One day at a time. One day at a time. [wink.gif]

Samuel Smith makes a killer Imperial Stout.

One of the few I’ve never had. I will search this out!

Hmm, might try one or more of these, it is too hot here to enjoy an imp stout though… Well, not entirely, I just haven’t been craving one haha. The new Sweetwater dank tank is an imp coffee stout that sounds good though… And one of the local stores has lots of varieties of Mikeller Beer geek on hand…

I’ve started early! it’s been a couple of days since I have had time to drink anything and I was starting to detox, so I popped an Abyss. The licorice really stands out for me this time, These have drank well since release and continue to shine with no trace of the booziness from the Bourbon barrel ageing that I usually get early on with these types of beers. I still have 2 left and will keep my hands off till next winter, but if you have more than one I would open one now and enjoy!

Do you think Sam Smiths really tastes like an Imperial Stout? I have always thought it lacked the body and overall roasted flavor that Imperials have. It’s well made, but just can’t hang next to an Old Rasputin IMO.

I think the SS is probably a lot more traditional in that regard. The bigger, fatter, more full throttle, modern American examples are a much newer creation as far as I know. They definitely offer different experiences.

Sometimes these discussions about styles of beer always seem to sound like wine styles. [wow.gif]

+1 to what Cris says. If you consider what “Stout” “should be,” then I would argue that SS’s Imperial Stout is a “true” Imperial Stout. Like Cris implies, Imperial Stout has become bastardized over the years, just like, dare I say it, IPA’s. Now, there’s nothing wrong with liking the “new style” (lord knows I LOVE the “new style” IPA’s), but I recognize that IPA’s have become something they originally were not. I feel the same applies to Imperial Stouts.

Good to know. I have one of these on deck for the weekly focus. Thanks.

Holy crap, I just discovered this thread!! Ok, I will load up. I have a SN30 Fritz and Ken at the apt, along with a Great Divide Espresso Yeti. Oh, and I have an Alesmith Speedway stout at our house, if I can get over there to pick it up. I might need help drinking that big guy though.

You always throw me for a loop with Samuel Smith. Seems like every time I say I’ve tried their entire lineup, you mention another one. I just went and grabbed a bottle of their Imperial stout. flirtysmile

Maybe I need to go to BA and see what all they really carry.

Or, you could join me at their brewery in Yorkshire in a few weeks! [wow.gif]

One good thing about the tasting weeks is that it is a good opportunity to try both styles for comparison. I’m not sure which other more traditional examples are readily available though.

While I highly encourage your selections as I am a big fan of all three, are the SN30 and Speedway considered Imperials? No biggie but it just struck me when reading this.

Alesmith calls Speedway an Imperial. SN calls the Fritz and Ken a “Pioneers Stout”. Not sure what that means. It is labeled as an Imperial on BA, for whatever that’s worth…

Edit to add that at 9%+ the Fritz and Ken would seem to qualify as an Imperial, but I am certainly no expert.

Yeah, I would have assumed the Speedway is something like an Imperial because I think they list 12% on theirs. [drinkers.gif]

I hadn’t really thought about the SN30 though. Maybe this is a good week to retrieve a “Pioneers Stout” from the cellar.

Cross posting this from the other thread since it fits the theme:

Ballast Point Sea Monster Stout - An Imperial. Straight forward strong coffee and espresso flavors. Not a lot of depth or complexity but is solid. A light tinge of the alcohol.

I would say the SN is an Imperial. I will also do one of these this week, it should be interesting getting three different notes on it. [cheers.gif]