Week 6 Virtual Tasting Series for Charity - Champagne for John Jay College of Criminal Justice


$5 for a tasting note. $10 for a tete de cuvee or a photograph with note writer and the bottle. $15 for an embedded sabering video taken during the challenge week!. MUST be real French champagne. Cremat de Bourgogne and Korbel do not count. The charity is a subset/division of John Jay College called the Pre-Law Institute that provides support for kids who would normally have no chance to go to law school but who are interested in a post-graduate education in law. LSAT Prep Courses, application writing assistance, etc. When I was sworn in as an attorney in 1977, there were a bunch of families there for their relatives who were being sworn in and who were the first ones in the family to have a professional degree. I, on the other hand, come from a family of over-achievers. I have three lawyers, two Ph.D.s and one nuclear scientist in the generation before me, and my father is the only one without at least two post-high school degrees among his siblings and my mother’s siblings, and that was because WWII intervened. As a result, I think I should give back to those who aren’t as lucky as I was.

I already have someone, not on the BB, who has pledged $5 for each of the first 20 notes posted, for a total of $100. Erez Lenchner, who participates in this BB, is the Associate Provost at John Jay and invited me to a reception for this group. After listening to the presentations, I was sold, and Erez also agreed to match the $100 that the first person gave.

Since the principal beneficiary of the donation is the Pre-Law Institute, which provides funding and support services for “first in my family to go to college” kids who want to go on to Law School, ALL THE OTHER lawyers on this BB should match my contribution. The first person who agreed to match is a school nurse at a private school in NY who is undoubtedly underpaid, and she said that I should make sure to tell all the lawyers who collect wine that if she can pony up money, they should do even better.

I will get more info on the charity in the next day or two and post it. The director’s business card is in my office.

When does this start Jay?
Beer one ends tomorrow I think?

Jay, what are basics on how to play here? Per note? Photos or not? Mark, can you decode Jay’s legal posting? [pillow-fight.gif]

Typical lawyers. Make you ask more questions so they can bill more :wink:

Only Champagne? Are California sparkling Pinot and or Chardonnay allowed?

Starts tomorrow officially but Ive been starting the threads a day early this year. Just worked out better logistically and the overlap gives more visibility to both threads.

Jay will jump in later and spell out the details.

Xmas dinner. Surprised to find a Selosse Initiale on the list at a restaurant in Buffalo.

Selosse Initiale - 2015 Disgorgement.

Perfect example of what Selosse does best. Aged and slightly oxidized tertiary flavors yet still with lots of energy and liveliness that is extremely complex with all components in harmony.

The lawyer is missing, the challenge isn’t even live, and I find myself in the thread already. Jay, be ready to pay this week…

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From tonight’s OC sunset, with the bottle in the photo, looking out over San Clemente and the Pacific.

It’s wine, not whine. I take my grandson to see Aquaman and all I get is people complaining about how I spent a whole day away from Wineberserkers. Well, it’s put up or shut up time, at least fro the lawyers in the group. Last year I agreed to double it if Doug Jones beat Roy Moore, which ended up costing me something like $350 extra. This year I’m expecting the rest of you to donate serious dollars in the name of Wineberserkers.

Put your 78 Mouton down. We’ll give you full and deserved credit for spending time with your grandson, and even Aquaman.

Corks start coming out tomorrow and the rest of the week.

So, are you going to keep us in suspense with the damn details or will you share them with us? Do we have to beg?

Wouldn’t sparkling Shiraz fit your “palate” better, Jay?

The problem is all you narrow minded [oops, I mean narrow palated] wine drinkers who created new examples for the word parochial. I have no problem with Pol Roger Churchill and Dom Perignon side by side with Sine Qua Non White, Aubert, Schrader and Saxum. Come to think of it, that’s what we served at my son’s wedding, which resulted in the grandson.

Jay is it $5 a tn?
$10 if includes a photo?
$100 if it’s a video?
We need to know what to post.

I thought lawyers were detail oriented? :wink:

Mark, go back to the first post as Jay edited it with the info.

Nice table and setting, Frank. . . and the photo almost takes me there. Beautiful!

We were in San Clemente last week Frank, wish we were still there.

Jay, with you on an ability to appreciate diverse types of wine being a blessing and an advantage. Same for diverse types of people. I’ll be sure to check in with a Champagne TN or 2.

FMIII, you live outside San Clemente? My best friend just moved there, I visited in August. I thought you were outside LA?

TN: 2006 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne

Very intense laser like acidity and beautiful nose with citrus notes. Sweetness was not particularly noticeable. Nice toasted brioche. Not overly opulent on the palate but very elegant. Nice long finish. Very nice champagne.

Alf, yes, about 10 mins from Frenchie-Poo. A friend of ours has a killer place up on the hill above the 5 Freeway overlooking the Dana Point harbor and it’s a great place to hang out. LA is a big place, and I am in the south OC, brother.

Oh Jay, oh Jay…be prepared to pay! [whistle.gif] Plenty of champagne is being opened tonight, the start of what will be 2-3 nights of some killer meals with bubbly I am sure.

Ah bummer I missed you guys! My buddy lives in dowtown San Clemente down by the pier, so quaint. He just moved to there after a very hectic career in the Northeast, now he’s a surfing Bohemian. Cali is transformative!