WB Tshirts, timeline

The artwork that has been posted here and on the web site is now at the printer’s. They need to do their thing so it fits into their printing format.

I’m expecting that artwork back early next week from them. I’ll then send it to Todd for final approval. Once approved we’ll do our Tshirt run.

We finally got over 75 shirts so we’re all good there, the last order was actually TODAY. A few last minute orders can probably be squeezed in as until we have final approved artwork and we tell them “go print”.

If everything goes smoothly I expect to ship on July 6th, if not then on the 13th (it all depends on the artwork and how long it takes to do a run and put shirts into my little hands) Food items will ship at the same time as Tshirts.


Ummm you are going to ship in this weather? Please hold mine until the fall … and don’t want my shirt to shrink.



I sent you emails! pillow

Shrinkage. Don’t wear it in cold water, either. [bye.gif]

I hate shrinkage!! Wash warm tumble dry…works every time! [tease.gif]

you could always hang em too to dry

sorry i missed this earlier Jeff but if there is a XXL i’ll gladly take one!

OK, I finally ordered 2 plus enough food for free shipping!

Will mine be part of the first printing?

Does first printing make them extra virgin t-shirts? [shrug.gif]

I hope these come in before I go to Israel…I can just imagine a photo of me in my berserker T-shirt with all of the orthodox at the wailing wall!!!

Once they arrive, we need to have a photo thread of Berserkers posing in their shirts!

You can still order. The official deadline has passed but until we have the artwork back and approved I’ll allow more orders…

The artwork is back. Todd had one minor change which we submitted immediately back to the printer. Hopefully they’ll be able to turn that early in the week. Then the printing. It’s looking like the 20th or 27th… updates to follow once the art is officially approved by Master Todd and printing begins.

You can still order, but do it fast. Once the art is approved we will immediately start printing.


As long as we have them for Berserkerfest!!!