Wayfarer release, retail before list?

Two gorgeous pinot noirs from the remote reaches of Sonoma Valley were my favorites at last month’s West of West tasting event in Sebastopol. Pretty stiff competition, too (Failla, Littorai, Lioco, Ceritas, many many more).

They haven’t released to their list yet, but oddly I found their wines today at K&L. I was planning on buying some, so went ahead and bought a half case to secure an ‘allocation’.

Strange that they released to retail before to their mailing list.

Which one of the two did you like better?

Both very young, but the Golden Mean really rang my bell. Very fruit forward as you’d expect, but still tremendous depth, balance, and length. Could be a special wine if I let it rest long enough.

Got the release email today. I think this face sums it up for me. [pwn.gif] Aggressive.

That’s some pricey juice.

Too pricey for me.

How much?


$80, 90 and 115