Washington Recommendations?

Way out of my depth here and my cousin is already there. Looking for smaller production type interesting producers (ie not a tasting room with a view or “luxury experience”) to give him an idea of what’s possible up there.

Thanks in advance!

Dozens of small tasting rooms in downtown Walla Walla and even more boutique-y places out at the old airport. Dusted Valley tasting is at the owners house on the patio.

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He can try lots of wines in Woodinville. There are beaucoup tasting rooms where in a few afternoons you can really get a sense of the styles and possibilities. There are also about half a dozen very good tasting rooms in Seattle’s SODO very much worth trying.

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Can you clarify a bit? Are you looking for you, him…? Where is he located, and where would he like to taste? If he’s in the greater Seattle area, then Woodinville or SoDo are obvious choices. We can get to producers as a second point. If he’s willing to travel, Walla Walla is obvious. However, there is something to be said for visiting those wineries on site in Central WA as well where they grow the fruit and make the wine. Heading up Sunset Road on Red Mountain is a fun experience, as are other areas in and around the greater Columbia Valley (Prosser, Tri Cities, Red Mountain, etc.).

Va Piano

+1. We had a great visit there back 2017.

We also had a great and very intimate tasting at Rulo. Great wines and awesome people!

Powers Champoux for an exceptionally elegant Cabernet blend.


At the other extreme of the spectrum, Covington Cabernet Franc for an inky-black almost shiraz-like Cabernet Franc.


As others have mentioned, it depends on where you are. Powers is good advice if you’re in the tri-cities area, as are Fidelitas, Col Solare and Upchurch. In Walla Walla, additions are Gramercy, Foundry, The Walls, Elephant Seven, Northstar, Sleight of Hand, Tranche and many others