Washington DC Restaurants rec needed


Family and I are doing a quick visit to DC this weekend. Staying on 22nd StNW in Georgetown area. Need recs for 2 nights for local restaurants a few block from 22nd St where kids (12&10 - who can appreciate good food) and are reasonably priced. American, Bistro, seafood - casual, casual farm to table place…(just not Indian or Chinese). Thanks in advance.
Oh yeah - if they have decent wine and/or beer on tap that would be nice…

A few names: Ris (corkage friendly, at least when I was there with Maureen), Vidalia (haven’t been in a while but list was always interesting) and a bit more reasonably priced Pizza Paradiso (one in Georgetown and another in Dupont Circle, you are probably halfway in between).

Good suggestions from Cole. I’d add Blue Duck Tavern, which others like a lot more than I do but is a block or so from your hotel. It is a shame you exclude Indian, because Raskia West is a sensational place also within block or so. It is haut (and modern) Indian – not your run of the mill menu by any stretch. You might look at the menu

Thanks Cole and Neal. Ris looks good and Pizza might be a good 2nd day to go more casual…I’ll try and persuade my wife about the Indian, but she isn’t a fan. Menu looks real good. Anyone try Pesce? or Al Tiramisu?

I misspelled Rasika BTW.

I haven’t been to Pesce in a while but it was always good for fresh fish. I went to Al Tiramisu with a group of Italians and we had a great time, feeling like we were in Italy (Italian speaking waiters and good food). A bit pricey (wines, too) but the food is good.

Thanks Cole - I appreciate it.

Bump. I’m going to be in D.C. at the end of the month for a week or so. Any other recommendations, particularly for more casual dining? We’re staying several blocks south of the Convention Center. Thanks!

I liked the Jose Andres restaurants quite a bit (Jaleo, Zatinaya, Oyamel)

Second Jaleo for casual dining and it is south of the convention center. Not sure exactly where you are staying but probably walkable. This is the only place my wife wants to eat when in that general area she likes it that much.

Of the Andres restaurants downtown, Zaytinya is closest to (and south of) the convention center and is my favorite. Reservations are strongly recommended. Oyamel (my 2d favorite) and Jaleo are a few blocks further south but worth the walk. My favorite restaurant in DC is the original Rasika, which is about a block from Jaleo and next door to Oyamel. Just brilliant indian food, but again, reservations are a must.

Upstairs bar @ Corduroy. Shhhh…for some reason it still seems to be something of a secret.

If you go to Jaleo, get the 2005 LdH Cubillo, which is on the wine list. Good buy, great wine!

I remember when we dined there, the list had some great deals. It is on the formal side so jackets for men.

I never wear a jacket to the dining room. And they are most definitely not required for the bar. The bar is quite casual.

I realize this won’t help with your needs in the Convention Center neighborhood, but we just had a sensational meal at Brian Voltaggio’s new place, Range, in Chevy Chase. The place is huge, and a little on the loud side (which I hate) but the service, the food, the wine list, were all outstanding. The charcuterie, cheeses, bread, deserts – really everything – was exceptional and the baked good were all made on premises. Lots of locavore love on the menu. Of the three entrees, the lamb shank and the grouper with lobster and caviar were marvelous and the couloutte was very good. The list is very deep, well-chosen and – shockingly – fairly priced. A bottle of Gimmonet-Gonet was priced at $60 (a good retail price is ~$40) but the bottle they brought was slightly corked. They whisked it away and replaced it with the Paul Bara rose they were pouring by the glass. Oh, and the somm (there are actually two on duty!) suggested that we have the Paul Bara in a white wine glass without me having to ask!

A very fine experience. I will definitely go back; there are a great many dishes on the menu I very much want to try.

Thanks everyone! I have Jaleo marked on my map. We’re staying at the Grand Hyatt, so it’s only about 4-5 blocks away. Neal, based on your recommendation, we may brave the Metro and try Range!

Great restaurants - probably the most interesting food in DC.

Well, the most interesting food in DC is almost indisputably Little Serow, but the Andres restaurants are certainly adequate for casual dining in the touristy areas.

Little Serow doesn’t take reservations and will not allow for food allergies or dietary restrictions. I’m also hearing that the quality is slipping.