Washington, DC 11/7 - wine+food with Jean-Paul Daumen of Vieille Julienne CANCELLED

(Giving this its own thread)

I’m putting something social together at Ripple on Monday, November 7th. Jean-Paul Daumen of Domaine de la Vieille Julienne in Chateauneuf du Pape is going to be in DC that evening, and I’ve inviting folks to get together casually at Ripple that evening around 7pm. Jean-Paul is going to bring some of his wines and I will as well, and if folks want to BYO (Rhone or otherwise) that would be great too. I’ve got a big table reserved, and we’re just going to pull corks, order some apps and mains to share family style off the new fall menu, and split the check for food/service when we’re though.

If any Berserkers want to get together, hang out, and talk Chateauneuf du Pape with one of the top producers in the region, you’re welcome to join. Please let me know either here or in PM if you’re interested, as I’m trying to keep a reasonable cap on the numbers so the restaurant can manage seating, service, etc.


In case any lurking Berserkers were planning to attend or drop by, I wanted to let you know that Jean-Paul had flight issues leaving Marseilles this morning, and having missed his connection in Paris now won’t be landing in DC until late this evening. So unfortunately our featured guest won’t be attending the dinner.

I have other business in DC so I’ll show up at Ripple with a few bottles regardless, in the event that anyone still wants to congregate.

Stay tuned for other opportunities for similar things – I’d love to run this back the next time I’ve got another of Europe’s top winemakers in town…