Was this a dumb purchase?

I signed up for Monte Bello futures and got a small allotment of 2017s which will show up in 2020. Everything I have read said these want 20 years to bloom which at age 60 I don’t think I have. Now I bought 375s which I assume will age a bit faster, but knowing me, I will crack one the day they show up. Now I am thinking that I likely made a dumb buy. Thoughts?

The wines are friendlier than they used to be.

Plus you can almost certainly sell them any time you decide you don’t want them. Recent vintages of MB have appreciated in value.

Seems like a great buy to me!

Everything I have read said these want 20 years to bloom

  1. Don’t believe everything you read.

  2. If you bought them without ever having had them, drink one. You might not even like them.

In my experience, MB rewards aging but doesn’t strictly require it the same way, e.g., traditional Barolo does. These can give enjoyment in youth and in middle age. For my money, some of the world’s best wines and still fairly priced.

I buy 4x375, 6x750 and 2x1.5. The 375’s are my first 5-10 year tests of the wines. And one person’s 20 year window is another’s 5 or 40.

Fret not.