Wanting 2008 Salon mag

Looking for a magnum of the 2008 Salon Mesnil for upcoming Bday celebrations. For whatever reason I didn’t purchase one of these on release and want to take this down soon in the name of science :). Figure with cooler weather coming - shipping to my home or to storage will be an option. Looking for a magnum that’s had a good home since release and hasn’t been sitting at retail… Can send payment and/or trade if wanted - I have lots that you’d probably like. Anywho, PM me if you’re interested in helping me out. CHEERS


IIRC the 08 mags were never released separately… one mag came with a set that included four 750s from other vintages, and the whole thing was obscenely priced. I see some mags for $5k and up, not really sure who ended up biting on all those box sets.

Understood - those sets were a no go back then - just because of the pricing… Separated mags are what I’m seeing also but would take one of those sets if I had to :slightly_smiling_face:.

My local place burned through several cases and kept ordering. Offered to me north of $8k and I passed with a laugh, but they had no problem selling them to others.

Aren’t you in Italy :)??? That’s what I remember in general about the pricing back then…

$ depends on provenance +/- trade and cash possibility. Just the mag or one of those original “packs” available? Let me know guys if anyone out there has a line on some of this stuff. CHEERS

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The Acker catalogue for the late October auction was just released and the theme is champagne. In the direct-from-Salon section, there is an offering for a stand-alone magnum of the 2008 in a custom OWC. Lot 1463. Disgorged in 2022

That is probably your best bet for absolutely pristine provenance.

On winesearcher, NY Wine Warehouse has 3 listed for sale and they are pretty solid on the provenance front as well. No experience with the other sellers offering magnums at this time.


Looking like this itch will be scratched for me - thanks to all for helping to locate worthy bottles! Now, who wants to be there when a mag of this will be popped :)?


I’m always down to drink some good champagne!