Wanna see something scary? Look at this CT report...

After some conversations with Dr. Dietz about how much we spend on wine (his, of course, funded by us taxpayers who pay his salary neener ), I took at look at the report of Purchases Over Time. We were figuring out the average spent each month (mine’s just over $750/month average, but down to $560/month average this year (recession, but still sickening to consider), and I scrolled down to the bottom to see the figure of the total amount spent.


I know what I spend in total is what many of you spend in a year, but still, it was shocking to me to say the least.

To wine, I say ‘I wish I knew how to quit you’. Sure would be cheaper if I stuck to whiskey!

It is sickness. I too spent a lot this year. The '07 vintage in CA was strong and prices tended to be soft. I did stick to my vow not to patronize any producer who raised prices in 09. That cost me a few mailing list positions like Alban and Kosta Browne.

I’m planning on cutting back spending about 25% in '10. Just not sure where yet! blush

I try to look at wine expenditures as a positive.

We’re forunate enough to have the disposable income to purchase wine and healthy enough to be able to drink and enjoy it.

$890 a month this year

$1501 a month last year

I need to cut that in half again next year.

I’m going downhill fast Serge, but it’s good to see you’re picking up my slack.

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Looking at the amount that I have spent on wine this decade is scary enough. I wonder how many other’s also had that amount used against them as the basis of a Petition for Modification (up) of a Child Support Order. Fortunately my Judge enjoys wine and wasn’t impressed. flirtysmile I offered the cost of Mommy’s shoes as evidence that it was immaterial. pileon

Serge, did she also know that her hands on your wine= your hands on her throat? [tease.gif] [basic-smile.gif] [tease.gif]


Enough about Serge’s sex life.

Forgot who said this… but cute quote:

“I spent a lot of my money on booze, birds, and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.”

Frankly, consumption is more interesting to me than purchases… but for fun…


2005 = X
2006 = 1.20X
2007 = .9X
2008 = .5X
2009 = .05X (so far)


2005 = Y
2006 = 2Y
2007 = 1.1Y
2008 = 2.1Y
2009 = .95 (so far)


Actually Veronica, I believe you may have been referring to my old buddy Tug McGraw (may he rest in Peace) who in 1988 stated when asked what he had done with all his money made in 20 years of playing baseball…
“Wine women and song and I blew the rest.”

Out of sight out of mind…

George Best

Life became much easier when the missus figured that one out. Now as long as the bills are paid (including for her shopping and our vacations) and the retirement plan is up to snuff she does not care.

You need to check your premise… you are ignoring maturity at consumption, cellar size, and preferences

^this. I just put in my purchases for consumption reasons. I prefer out of sight out of mind

Awesome… maybe spending on flan too should be there as an essential???