Walter Scott in a bag?

A new wine shop opened this month and they carry Walter Scott La Combe Vert by the glass, both the chard and pinot. Apparently it’s a keg of each so they’re offering to go bags, of which I had to grab one.

Initial impressions after a few days are positive, likely not the same experience as out a bottle but as an alternative to boxed wine, give me Walter Scott in a bag anytime!

Bonus pic is for a coravin sample of some grand cru burg. This place is walking distance from the house and my wallet is in big trouble…


How is the burg? RSV is a heavy hitting vineyard…

I have very little experience with grand cru Burgundy but I thought it was fantastic. It took less than 10 minutes to be ready to go. It struck me as more dark fruited than I would have thought but it was exceptionally balanced and drinking quite well for being so young.

Good for Walter Scott offering wine in a bag like this. I wish more producers would do it for early drinking wines. It’s perfect for those times you want a glass, but don’t want to commit to a bottle. Way easier than Coravin, no need to pay for Argon canisters, etc.

I’ll have to talk to Ken and Erica about this for home, though it would probably be really dangerous to have a relatively unending supply of their Chardonnay in the house…

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Where is this magical place with WS in a bag? Cause I’m all in.


looks like the bar put it in a bag from their keg. But they are offering it by the keg.

@Erica_Landon how long does the Keg keep?

I’m 110% in for a keg of wine. Just polished off a 2018 Seven Spring Chard pre-dinner and it hit all the notes I need and want. I wish more producers made higher end wines in bags and boxes for daily drinking.

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I would be all over a well made white bag wine! An easy nightly drinker (or not) and less thoughts about “oh got to get home and finish that chardonnay tonight” on a night you might just want to drink a good red.

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Exactly correct, didn’t mean to imply otherwise. I’d be just as happy to have a keg at home…

Bend, OR. Come visit!

I love Bend and the Bend Beer Chase was one of my favorite ever athletic events. No idea when I’ll make it back out there though.

Thanks for sharing the notes, Dave. Pretty cool that Walter Scott offers wine by the keg. I wasn’t aware.

Can you share what the vintage was for either/both of their Chardonnay and Pinot via keg at the shop? (I’m assuming 2021.)

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Yes, 2021 for both. I felt the chardonnay showed better than the pinot but both I wouldn’t have known they weren’t from bottle.

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Hi Charlie, AS long as the lines are clean and the CO2 is used for pressure, the wine should stay protected for a long time, but you don’t want wine sitting in a mostly empty keg for a length of time. That being said, we do not make many kegs and typically only for places with high turnover so the wine is fresh and used quickly. We didn’t know they were sending wine home in a bag. We are all for ways to share wine and cut down on packaging wasted, so hopefully these bags are re-usable. :heart:

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Definitely 2021. We made kegs for 2 people this fall, Joel Gunderson in Portland of the Chef’s Table group (St. Jack, Heavenly Creatures, Jacqueline, and Coopers Hall) and for Benjamin who owns Viaggio in Bend. It is a great way to have by the glass wine (or by the bag) and not have the impact of the glass bottles. :heart:


Thanks Erica. Yes, the bags are reusable and we plan to get many more “bottles” out of it. Our experience is limited but the pinot had no noticeable change over the course of five days.

Thanks to God for @Erica_Landon! Our household is definitely a “place with high turnover” where X-Novo chard is “used quickly” and is always 'fresh" when the bottle is empty. I am now really hoping to have the “keg” option for next year’s vintage.