Wally's Syrah Smackdown results!

I think we might bring over a few more ebober’s to WB. There was some promotion going on on Friday night…

Here’s the list from winners to losers
1st 04 Elderton command (wally)
2nd 04 Cayuse Bionic Frog (Jim Mack)
3rd 05 Dumol Eddie’s Patch (not sure)
4th 06 Tor Kenword Judge Family Rock(not sure)
5th 03 Big Basin Rattlesnake Rock (Mel)
6th 05 D’ampuis(not sure)
7rh 02 Arrowood Saralee’s (Steve A.)
8th 07 Escarvailles Les Hauts Granges (Mel) BTW a $16 bottle!
9th 05 Amon-ra (not sure)
10th 00 Saxum Bone Rock (not sure)
11th 06 Quivet Cellars (not sure)
12th 05 Paul Jaboulet Aine La Chappelle (not sure)
13th 97 Ojai Henry Daniel (Rowen)
14th 02 Two Hands Bad Impersonater
15th 97 Dehlinger (Jeff W.)
16th 94 Araujo Eisele (not sure)
17th 07 Biggio Hamina (not sure)
18th 99 St Cosme, Cote Rotie (not sure)
19th 90 Mont Olivet CdP (Jordan)

here’s the link to the excel spreadsheet for anyone who wishes to
crunch some #'s and give us some info…

Full disclosure: My BIL imports some of the
07 Escarvailles Les Hauts Granges

Were these blind Mel? Results are all over the place as I would expect from a blind tasting. I haven’t had many of those but the 00 Bone Rock has been outstanding for me.

Yes, blind tasting with a wide range of tasters…

Was St Cosme their Cote Rotie?

Yes, I fixed the list.

Also poured blind was a Barrel sample of the Jemrose Grenach
next to the SQN into the dark and the Jemrose held it’s own…

Oh, yea the second place winner popped and poured his bottle of 2005 Chave [drinks.gif]

Wow, I can’t imagine a Dehlinger doing well in that line-up. Just not a style for everyone.